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1:  J01917Reports  Adenovirus type 2...[gi:209811] Links
LOCUS       ADRCG                  35937 bp    DNA     linear   VRL 14-MAR-1996

DEFINITION  Adenovirus type 2, complete genome.

ACCESSION   J01917 J01918-J01957 K00086 K00394 K00395 K02367 M13004

            V00007-V00020 V00023 V00024

VERSION     J01917.1  GI:209811

KEYWORDS    DNA polymerase; DNA-binding protein; RNA polymerase III;

            alternative splicing; coat protein; complete genome; genome-linked

            protein; glycoprotein; overlapping genes; polymerase; terminal

            repeat; unidentified reading frame; virus-associated RNA.

SOURCE      Human adenovirus 2

  ORGANISM  Human adenovirus 2

            Viruses; dsDNA viruses, no RNA stage; Adenoviridae; Mastadenovirus;

            Human adenovirus C.

REFERENCE   1  (bases 10610 to 10766)

  AUTHORS   Ohe,K. and Weissman,S.M.

  TITLE     The nucleotide sequence of a low molecular weight ribonucleic acid

            from cells infected with adenovirus 2

  JOURNAL   J. Biol. Chem. 246 (22), 6991-7009 (1971)

   PUBMED   4331202

REFERENCE   2  (sites)

  AUTHORS   Jornvall,H., Ohlsson,H. and Philipson,L.

  TITLE     An acetylated N-terminus of adenovirus type 2 hexon protein

  JOURNAL   Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 56 (2), 304-310 (1974)

   PUBMED   4823869

REFERENCE   3  (bases 10514 to 10680)

  AUTHORS   Pan,J., Celma,M.L. and Weissman,S.M.

  TITLE     Studies of low molecular weight RNA from cells infected with

            adenovirus 2. III. The sequence of the promoter for VA-RNA I

  JOURNAL   J. Biol. Chem. 252 (24), 9047-9054 (1977)

   PUBMED   200627

REFERENCE   4  (bases 10681 to 10813)

  AUTHORS   Celma,M.L., Pan,J. and Weissman,S.M.

  TITLE     Studies of low molecular weight RNA from cells infected with

            adenovirus 2. I. The sequences at the 3' end of VA-RNA I

  JOURNAL   J. Biol. Chem. 252 (24), 9032-9042 (1977)

   PUBMED   318160

REFERENCE   5  (sites)

  AUTHORS   Celma,M.L., Pan,J. and Weissman,S.M.

  TITLE     Studies of low molecular weight RNA from cells infected with

            adenovirus 2. II. Heterogeneity at the 5' end of VA-RNA I

  JOURNAL   J. Biol. Chem. 252 (24), 9043-9046 (1977)

   PUBMED   925035

REFERENCE   6  (bases 30812 to 30900)

  AUTHORS   Zain,B.S. and Roberts,R.J.

  TITLE     Characterization and sequence analysis of a recombination site in

            the hybrid virus Ad2+ND

  JOURNAL   J. Mol. Biol. 120 (1), 13-31 (1978)

   PUBMED   205651

REFERENCE   7  (bases 18778 to 18918)

  AUTHORS   Akusjarvi,G. and Pettersson,U.

  TITLE     Nucleotide sequence at the junction between the coding region of

            the adenovirus 2 hexon messenger RNA and its leader sequence

  JOURNAL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 75 (12), 5822-5826 (1978)

   PUBMED   83649

REFERENCE   8  (bases 5986 to 6236)

  AUTHORS   Ziff,E.B. and Evans,R.M.

  TITLE     Coincidence of the promoter and capped 5' terminus of RNA from the

            adenovirus 2 major late transcription unit

  JOURNAL   Cell 15 (4), 1463-1475 (1978)

   PUBMED   729003

REFERENCE   9  (bases 21607 to 21816)

  AUTHORS   Akusjarvi,G. and Pettersson,U.

  TITLE     Sequence analysis of adenovirus DNA. I. Nucleotide sequence at the

            carboxy-terminal end of the gene for adenovirus type 2 hexon

  JOURNAL   Virology 91 (2), 477-480 (1978)

   PUBMED   741658

REFERENCE   10 (bases 1 to 156; 35804 to 35937)

  AUTHORS   Arrand,J.R. and Roberts,R.J.

  TITLE     The nucleotide sequences at the termini of adenovirus-2 DNA

  JOURNAL   J. Mol. Biol. 128 (4), 577-594 (1979)

   PUBMED   318164

REFERENCE   11 (bases 6039 to 6079; 7101 to 7172; 9634 to 9723; 18802 to 18861)

  AUTHORS   Akusjarvi,G. and Pettersson,U.

  TITLE     Sequence analysis of adenovirus DNA: complete nucleotide sequence

            of the spliced 5' noncoding region of adenovirus 2 hexon messenger


  JOURNAL   Cell 16 (4), 841-850 (1979)

   PUBMED   455452

REFERENCE   12 (bases 6039 to 31095)

  AUTHORS   Zain,S., Sambrook,J., Roberts,R.J., Keller,W., Fried,M. and


  TITLE     Nucleotide sequence analysis of the leader segments in a cloned

            copy of adenovirus 2 fiber mRNA

  JOURNAL   Cell 16 (4), 851-861 (1979)

   PUBMED   455453

REFERENCE   13 (bases 1 to 110; 35835 to 35937)

  AUTHORS   Shinagawa,M. and Padmanabhan,R.

  TITLE     Nucleotide sequence at the inverted terminal repetition of

            adenovirus type 2 DNA

  JOURNAL   Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 87 (3), 671-678 (1979)

   PUBMED   454416

REFERENCE   14 (bases 25634 to 27376)

  AUTHORS   Galibert,F., Herisse,J. and Courtois,G.

  TITLE     Nucleotide sequence of the EcoRI-F fragment of adenovirus 2 genome

  JOURNAL   Gene 6 (1), 1-22 (1979)

   PUBMED   478297

REFERENCE   15 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Zain,B.S. and Roberts,R.J.

  TITLE     Sequences from the beginning of the fiber messenger RNA of


  JOURNAL   J. Mol. Biol. 131 (2), 341-352 (1979)

   PUBMED   318165

REFERENCE   16 (bases 26977 to 27178)

  AUTHORS   Baker,C.C., Herisse,J., Courtois,G., Galibert,F. and Ziff,E.

  TITLE     Messenger RNA for the Ad2 DNA binding protein: DNA sequences

            encoding the first leader and heterogenity at the mRNA 5' end

  JOURNAL   Cell 18 (2), 569-580 (1979)

   PUBMED   227610

REFERENCE   17 (bases 5909 to 6178; 7023 to 7212; 9452 to 9836)

  AUTHORS   Akusjarvi,G. and Pettersson,J.

  TITLE     Sequence analysis of adenovirus DNA. IV. The genomic sequences

            encoding the common tripartite leader of late adenovirus messenger


  JOURNAL   J. Mol. Biol. 134 (1), 143-158 (1979)

   PUBMED   318166

REFERENCE   18 (bases 513 to 1111; 1226 to 1630)

  AUTHORS   Perricaudet,M., Akusjarvi,G., Virtanen,A. and Pettersson,U.

  TITLE     Structure of two spliced mRNAs from the transforming region of

            human subgroup C adenoviruses

  JOURNAL   Nature 281 (5733), 694-696 (1979)

   PUBMED   551290

REFERENCE   19 (bases 6039 to 31080)

  AUTHORS   Zain,S., Gingeras,T.R., Bullock,P., Wong,G. and Gelinas,R.E.

  TITLE     Determination and analysis of adenovirus-2 DNA sequences which may

            include signals for late messenger RNA processing

  JOURNAL   J. Mol. Biol. 135 (2), 413-433 (1979)

   PUBMED   318167

REFERENCE   20 (bases 5848 to 6578)

  AUTHORS   Baker,C.C. and Ziff,E.B.

  TITLE     Biogenesis, structures, and sites of encoding of the 5' termini of

            adenovirus-2 mRNAs

  JOURNAL   Cold Spring Harb. Symp. Quant. Biol. 44 Pt 1,, 415-428 (1980)

   PUBMED   6933038

REFERENCE   21 (bases 3504 to 4109)

  AUTHORS   Alestrom,P., Akusjarvi,G., Perricaudet,M., Mathews,M.B.,

            Klessig,D.F. and Pettersson,U.

  TITLE     The gene for polypeptide IX of adenovirus type 2 and its unspliced

            messenger RNA

  JOURNAL   Cell 19 (3), 671-681 (1980)

   PUBMED   6985473

REFERENCE   22 (bases 35360 to 35937)

  AUTHORS   Shinagawa,M., Padmanabhan,R.V. and Padmanabhan,R.

  TITLE     The nucleotide sequence of the right-hand terminal SmaI-K fragment

            of adenovirus type 2 DNA

  JOURNAL   Gene 9 (1-2), 99-114 (1980)

   PUBMED   6247249

REFERENCE   23 (bases 10514 to 11065)

  AUTHORS   Akusjarvi,G., Mathews,M.B., Andersson,P., Vennstrom,B. and


  TITLE     Structure of genes for virus-associated RNAI and RNAII of

            adenovirus type 2

  JOURNAL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 77 (5), 2424-2428 (1980)

   PUBMED   6930642

REFERENCE   24 (bases 27373 to 30050)

  AUTHORS   Herisse,J., Courtois,G. and Galibert,F.

  TITLE     Nucleotide sequence of the EcoRI D fragment of adenovirus 2 genome

  JOURNAL   Nucleic Acids Res. 8 (10), 2173-2192 (1980)

   PUBMED   6253880

REFERENCE   25 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Perricaudet,M., Le Moullec,J.M. and Pettersson,U.

  TITLE     Predicted structure of two adenovirus tumor antigens

  JOURNAL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 77 (7), 3778-3782 (1980)

   PUBMED   6253988

REFERENCE   26 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Anderson,C.W. and Lewis,J.B.

  TITLE     Amino-terminal sequence of adenovirus type 2 proteins: hexon,

            fiber, component IX, and early protein 1B-15K

  JOURNAL   Virology 104 (1), 27-41 (1980)

   PUBMED   6985474

REFERENCE   27 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Persson,H., Jornvall,H. and Zabielski,J.

  TITLE     Multiple mRNA species for the precursor to an adenovirus-encoded

            glycoprotein: identification and structure of the signal sequence

  JOURNAL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 77 (11), 6349-6353 (1980)

   PUBMED   6985478

REFERENCE   28 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Van Etten,R.A., Walberg,M.W. and Clayton,D.A.

  TITLE     Precise localization and nucleotide sequence of the two mouse

            mitochondrial rRNA genes and three immediately adjacent novel tRNA


  JOURNAL   Cell 22 (1 Pt 1), 157-170 (1980)

   PUBMED   7428037

REFERENCE   29 (bases 22305 to 22600)

  AUTHORS   Buttner,W. and Veres-Molnar,Z.

  TITLE     Localization of the 3'-terminal end of the EcoRI B

            fragment-specific early mRNA of adenovirus type 2

  JOURNAL   FEBS Lett. 122 (2), 317-321 (1980)

   PUBMED   6258984

REFERENCE   30 (bases 21607 to 22770)

  AUTHORS   Akusjarvi,G., Zabielski,J., Perricaudet,M. and Pettersson,U.

  TITLE     The sequence of the 3' non-coding region of the hexon mRNA

            discloses a novel adenovirus gene

  JOURNAL   Nucleic Acids Res. 9 (1), 1-17 (1981)

   PUBMED   6259616

REFERENCE   31 (bases 459 to 608)

  AUTHORS   Osborne,T.F., Schell,R.E., Burch-Jaffe,E., Berget,S.J. and


  TITLE     Mapping a eukaryotic promoter: a DNA sequence required for in vivo

            expression of adenovirus pre-early functions

  JOURNAL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 78 (3), 1381-1385 (1981)

   PUBMED   6262792

REFERENCE   32 (bases 30047 to 32268)

  AUTHORS   Herisse,J. and Galibert,F.

  TITLE     Nucleotide sequence of the EcoRI E fragment of adenovirus 2 genome

  JOURNAL   Nucleic Acids Res. 9 (5), 1229-1240 (1981)

   PUBMED   6262722

REFERENCE   33 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Hashimoto,S., Pursley,M.H. and Green,M.

  TITLE     Nucleotide sequences and mapping of novel heterogenous 5'-termini

            of adenovirus 2 early region 4 mRNA

  JOURNAL   Nucleic Acids Res. 9 (7), 1675-1689 (1981)

   PUBMED   6164992

REFERENCE   34 (bases 17878 to 18918)

  AUTHORS   Akusjarvi,G. and Persson,H.

  TITLE     Gene and mRNA for precursor polypeptide VI from adenovirus type 2

  JOURNAL   J. Virol. 38 (2), 469-482 (1981)

   PUBMED   6985479

REFERENCE   35 (bases 5817 to 6051; 35358 to 35707)

  AUTHORS   Baker,C.C. and Ziff,E.B.

  TITLE     Promoters and heterogeneous 5' termini of the messenger RNAs of

            adenovirus serotype 2

  JOURNAL   J. Mol. Biol. 149 (2), 189-221 (1981)

   PUBMED   6927849

REFERENCE   36 (bases 18838 to 21744)

  AUTHORS   Jornvall,H., Alestrom,P., Akusjarvi,G., von Bahr-Lindstrom,H.,

            Philipson,L. and Pettersson,U.

  TITLE     Order of the CNBr fragments in the adenovirus hexon protein

  JOURNAL   J. Biol. Chem. 256 (12), 6204-6212 (1981)

   PUBMED   7240199

REFERENCE   37 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Akusjarvi,G. and Persson,H.

  TITLE     Controls of RNA splicing and termination in the major late

            adenovirus transcription unit

  JOURNAL   Nature 292 (5822), 420-426 (1981)

   PUBMED   7254339

REFERENCE   38 (bases 32263 to 35937)

  AUTHORS   Herisse,J., Rigolet,M., de Dinechin,S.D. and Galibert,F.

  TITLE     Nucleotide sequence of adenovirus 2 DNA fragment encoding for the

            carboxylic region of the fiber protein and the entire E4 region

  JOURNAL   Nucleic Acids Res. 9 (16), 4023-4042 (1981)

   PUBMED   6985482

REFERENCE   39 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Kruijer,W., van Schaik,F.M. and Sussenbach,J.S.

  TITLE     Structure and organization of the gene coding for the DNA binding

            protein of adenovirus type 5

  JOURNAL   Nucleic Acids Res. 9 (18), 4439-4457 (1981)

   PUBMED   6117824

REFERENCE   40 (sites)

  AUTHORS   van Beveren,C.P., Maat,J., Dekker,B.M. and van Ormondt,H.

  TITLE     The nucleotide sequence of the gene for protein IVa2 and of the 5'

            leader segment of the major late mRNAs of adenovirus type 5

  JOURNAL   Gene 16 (1-3), 179-189 (1981)

   PUBMED   7343420

REFERENCE   41 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Uhlen,M., Svensson,C., Josephson,S., Alestrom,P.,

            Chattapadhyaya,J.B., Pettersson,U. and Philipson,L.

  TITLE     Leader arrangement in the adenovirus fiber mRNA

  JOURNAL   EMBO J. 1 (2), 249-254 (1982)

   PUBMED   6897915

REFERENCE   42 (bases 1517 to 1696; 3932 to 4112; 17880 to 17975; 21142 to


  AUTHORS   Fraser,N.W., Baker,C.C., Moore,M.A. and Ziff,E.B.

  TITLE     Poly(A) sites of adenovirus serotype 2 transcription units

  JOURNAL   J. Mol. Biol. 155 (3), 207-233 (1982)

   PUBMED   6176714

REFERENCE   43 (bases 7869 to 8420)

  AUTHORS   Virtanen,A., Alestrom,P., Persson,H., Katze,M.G. and Pettersson,U.

  TITLE     An adenovirus agnogene

  JOURNAL   Nucleic Acids Res. 10 (8), 2539-2548 (1982)

   PUBMED   6281734

REFERENCE   44 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Osborne,T.F., Gaynor,R.B. and Berk,A.J.

  TITLE     The TATA homology and the mRNA 5' untranslated sequence are not

            required for expression of essential adenovirus E1A functions

  JOURNAL   Cell 29 (1), 139-148 (1982)

   PUBMED   7105179

REFERENCE   45 (bases 22469 to 24125)

  AUTHORS   Kruijer,W., Van Schaik,F.M. and Sussenbach,J.S.

  TITLE     Nucleotide sequence of the gene encoding adenovirus type 2 DNA

            binding protein

  JOURNAL   Nucleic Acids Res. 10 (15), 4493-4500 (1982)

   PUBMED   6985485

REFERENCE   46 (bases 1 to 11600; 32092 to 35937)

  AUTHORS   Gingeras,T.R., Sciaky,D., Gelinas,R.E., Bing-Dong,J., Yen,C.E.,

            Kelly,M.M., Bullock,P.A., Parsons,B.L., O'Neill,K.E. and


  TITLE     Nucleotide sequences from the adenovirus-2 genome

  JOURNAL   J. Biol. Chem. 257 (22), 13475-13491 (1982)

   PUBMED   7142161

REFERENCE   47 (bases 5778 to 11560)

  AUTHORS   Alestrom,P., Akusjarvi,G., Pettersson,M. and Pettersson,U.

  TITLE     DNA sequence analysis of the region encoding the terminal protein

            and the hypothetical N-gene product of adenovirus type 2

  JOURNAL   J. Biol. Chem. 257 (22), 13492-13498 (1982)

   PUBMED   7142162

REFERENCE   48 (bases 27609 to 27980; 28376 to 29792)

  AUTHORS   Ahmed,C.M., Chanda,R.S., Stow,N.D. and Zain,B.S.

  TITLE     The nucleotide sequence of mRNA for the Mr 19 000 glycoprotein from

            early gene block III of adenovirus 2

  JOURNAL   Gene 20 (3), 339-346 (1982)

   PUBMED   6985487

REFERENCE   49 (bases 31030 to 32775)

  AUTHORS   Boudin,M.L., Rigolet,M., Lemay,P., Galibert,F. and Boulanger,P.

  TITLE     Biochemical and genetical characterization of a fiber-defective

            temperature-sensitive mutant of type 2 adenovirus

  JOURNAL   EMBO J. 2 (11), 1921-1927 (1983)

   PUBMED   6571701

REFERENCE   50 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Oosterom-Dragon,E.A. and Anderson,C.W.

  TITLE     Polypeptide structure and encoding location of the adenovirus

            serotype 2 late, nonstructural 33K protein

  JOURNAL   J. Virol. 45 (1), 251-263 (1983)

   PUBMED   6296434

REFERENCE   51 (bases 7929 to 8423)

  AUTHORS   Falvey,E. and Ziff,E.

  TITLE     Sequence arrangement and protein coding capacity of the adenovirus

            type 2 'i' leader

  JOURNAL   J. Virol. 45 (1), 185-191 (1983)

   PUBMED   6823011

REFERENCE   52 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Downey,J.F., Rowe,D.T., Bacchetti,S., Graham,F.L. and Bayley,S.T.

  TITLE     Mapping of a 14,000-dalton antigen to early region 4 of the human

            adenovirus 5 genome

  JOURNAL   J. Virol. 45 (2), 514-523 (1983)

   PUBMED   6834467

REFERENCE   53 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Goldenberg,C.J. and Hauser,S.D.

  TITLE     Accurate and efficient in vitro splicing of purified precursor RNAs

            specified by early region 2 of the adenovirus 2 genome

  JOURNAL   Nucleic Acids Res. 11 (5), 1337-1348 (1983)

   PUBMED   6186991

REFERENCE   54 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Virtanen,A. and Pettersson,U.

  TITLE     The molecular structure of the 9S mRNA from early region 1A of

            adenovirus serotype 2

  JOURNAL   J. Mol. Biol. 165 (3), 496-499 (1983)

   PUBMED   6842608

REFERENCE   55 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Stalhandske,P., Persson,H., Perricaudet,M., Philipson,L. and


  TITLE     Structure of three spliced mRNAs from region E3 of adenovirus type


  JOURNAL   Gene 22 (2-3), 157-165 (1983)

   PUBMED   6307816

REFERENCE   56 (bases 15821 to 16495)

  AUTHORS   Sung,M.T., Cao,T.M., Coleman,R.T. and Budelier,K.A.

  TITLE     Gene and protein sequences of adenovirus protein VII, a hybrid

            basic chromosomal protein

  JOURNAL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 80 (10), 2902-2906 (1983)

   PUBMED   6574459

REFERENCE   57 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Lewis,J.B. and Anderson,C.W.

  TITLE     Proteins encoded near the adenovirus late messenger RNA leader


  JOURNAL   Virology 127 (1), 112-123 (1983)

   PUBMED   6857999

REFERENCE   58 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Yeh-Kai,L., Akusjarvi,G., Alestrom,P., Pettersson,U., Tremblay,M.

            and Weber,J.

  TITLE     Genetic identification of an endoproteinase encoded by the

            adenovirus genome

  JOURNAL   J. Mol. Biol. 167 (1), 217-222 (1983)

   PUBMED   6306252

REFERENCE   59 (bases 17539 to 18177)

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  TITLE     Molecular processing of adenovirus proteins

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   PUBMED   6336325

REFERENCE   60 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Kruijer,W., van Schaik,F.M., Speijer,J.G. and Sussenbach,J.S.

  TITLE     Structure and function of adenovirus DNA binding protein:

            comparison of the amino acid sequences of the Ad5 and Ad12 proteins

            derived from the nucleotide sequence of the corresponding genes

  JOURNAL   Virology 128 (1), 140-153 (1983)

   PUBMED   6308889

REFERENCE   61 (bases 13898 to 14231)

  AUTHORS   Le Moullec,J.M., Akusjarvi,G., Stalhandske,P., Pettersson,U.,

            Chambraud,B., Gilardi,P., Nasri,M. and Perricaudet,M.

  TITLE     Polyadenylic acid addition sites in the adenovirus type 2 major

            late transcription unit

  JOURNAL   J. Virol. 48 (1), 127-134 (1983)

   PUBMED   6136617

REFERENCE   62 (bases 18616 to 19233)

  AUTHORS   Mautner,V. and Boursnell,M.E.

  TITLE     Recombination in adenovirus: DNA sequence analysis of crossover

            sites in intertypic recombinants

  JOURNAL   Virology 131 (1), 1-10 (1983)

   PUBMED   6316645

REFERENCE   63 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Tigges,M.A. and Raskas,H.J.

  TITLE     Splice junctions in adenovirus 2 early region 4 mRNAs: multiple

            splice sites produce 18 to 24 RNAs

  JOURNAL   J. Virol. 50 (1), 106-117 (1984)

   PUBMED   6336328

REFERENCE   64 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Downey,J.F., Evelegh,C.M., Branton,P.E. and Bayley,S.T.

  TITLE     Peptide maps and N-terminal sequences of polypeptides from early

            region 1A of human adenovirus 5

  JOURNAL   J. Virol. 50 (1), 30-37 (1984)

   PUBMED   6699947

REFERENCE   65 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Freyer,G.A., Katoh,Y. and Roberts,R.J.

  TITLE     Characterization of the major mRNAs from adenovirus 2 early region

            4 by cDNA cloning and sequencing

  JOURNAL   Nucleic Acids Res. 12 (8), 3503-3519 (1984)

   PUBMED   6145146

REFERENCE   66 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Leff,T., Elkaim,R., Goding,C.R., Jalinot,P., Sassone-Corsi,P.,

            Perricaudet,M., Kedinger,C. and Chambon,P.

  TITLE     Individual products of the adenovirus 12S and 13S EIa mRNAs

            stimulate viral EIIa and EIII expression at the transcriptional


  JOURNAL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 81 (14), 4381-4385 (1984)

   PUBMED   6336330

REFERENCE   67 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Padgett,R.A., Konarska,M.M., Grabowski,P.J., Hardy,S.F. and


  TITLE     Lariat RNA's as intermediates and products in the splicing of

            messenger RNA precursors

  JOURNAL   Science 225 (4665), 898-903 (1984)

   PUBMED   6206566

REFERENCE   68 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Natarajan,V., Madden,M.J. and Salzman,N.P.

  TITLE     Proximal and distal domains that control in vitro transcription of

            the adenovirus IVa2 gene

  JOURNAL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 81 (20), 6290-6294 (1984)

   PUBMED   6593702

REFERENCE   69 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Wold,W.S., Cladaras,C., Magie,S.C. and Yacoub,N.

  TITLE     Mapping a new gene that encodes an 11,600-molecular-weight protein

            in the E3 transcription unit of adenovirus 2

  JOURNAL   J. Virol. 52 (2), 307-313 (1984)

   PUBMED   6492252

REFERENCE   70 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Mautner,V. and Mackay,N.

  TITLE     Recombination in adenovirus: analysis of crossover sites in

            intertypic overlap recombinants

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   PUBMED   6495658

REFERENCE   71 (bases 15033 to 18316)

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REFERENCE   72 (bases 11601 to 15726; 23924 to 25638)

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REFERENCE   73 (bases 18838 to 21744)

  AUTHORS   Akusjarvi,G., Alestrom,P., Pettersson,M., Lager,M., Jornvall,H. and


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REFERENCE   74 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Moore,C.L. and Sharp,P.A.

  TITLE     Accurate cleavage and polyadenylation of exogenous RNA substrate

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REFERENCE   75 (sites)

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  TITLE     Early region 1B of adenovirus serotype 2 encodes two co-terminal

            proteins of 495 and 155 amino acid residues

  JOURNAL   Unpublished (1984)

REFERENCE   78 (sites)

  AUTHORS   Virtanen,A. and Pettersson,U.

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COMMENT     [1]  RNA.

            [2]  sites; cds start for the hexon protein.

            [4]  sites; 5' terminus of VA I RNA.

            [6]  mRNA and DNA.

            [11]  cDNA to hexon mRNA.

            [12]  several fragments over this span;.

            [13]  mRNA and DNA.

            [19]  cDNA.

            [16]  sites; acceptor splice site for fiber mRNA.

            [18]  several leader fragments over this span.

            [27]  sites; splice sites for E1b mRNAs.

            [28]  sites; cds start for E3 19K glycoprotein.

            [29]  sites; cds start for 15K, IX and fiber polypeptides. [37]

            sites; cap site for E4 mrnas.

            [39]  sites; splice sites in E2a mRNA.

            [31]  fragments over this span.

            [34]  sites; splice site in 52,55K-pept mRNA.

            [30]  sites; splice sites in IVa2 mRNA, Ad5.

            [43]  cDNA and DNA.

            [42]  sites; splice site for 'i' leader.

            [46]  mRNA and DNA.

            [41]  sites; E1a mutational analysis.

            [55]  sites; splice sites for 33K mRNA.

            [56]  sites; cds start for E4 11K-pept, ad5.

            [60]  sites; cds start for the 13.6K-pept.

            [61]  sites; splice sites for 72K and 100K mRNAs.

            [50]  sites; splice sites for leaders; poly-A sites. [52]  sites;

            splice sites for E1a mRNAs.

            [58]  sites; splice sites in E2 mRNA.

            [53]  sites; H2ts1 mutation between 57.0% and 69.0%. [49]  H2ts125


            [68]  sites; cds start for E1a proteins.

            [69]  sites; splice sites in E4 region.

            [71]  sites; splice sites in E4 region; poly-A site for E4 mRNAs.

            [63]  sites; cds start for 57K-pept.

            [63]  sites; splice sites in E4 region; poly-A site for E4 mRNAs.

            [63]  sites; splice sites in E1b region.

            [(in) Doerfler,W. (Ed.);Adenovirus DNA: 1-51;Martinus Nijhoff

            Publishing, Boston ]  review; bases 1 to 35937.

            [75]  sites; recombination analysis of ad2 and ad5. [74]  sites;

            splice sites in major late mRNA.

            [73]  sites; IVa2 transcription start.

            [72]  sites; transcription start for EIa mRNAs.

            [70]  sites; E3 11.6 -K protein.

            [76]  sites; L3 mRNA polyadenylation site.

            [78]  sites; L3 mRNA polyadenylation site.

            Communicated on tape by R. Roberts.  That tape and [(in) Doerfler,

            W. (Ed.);Adenovirus DNA: 1-51;Martinus Nijhoff Publishing, Boston ]

            are the

            immediate sources of the annotation herein.

            A consensus sequence for the l-strand of the genome is shown.

            Population heterogeneity as distinct from strain variation is known

            (35937 +/- 9 bp) [67]; both are annotated as 'variation' below. For

            site differences with adenovirus type 5, see loci beginning <ad5>

            which are arranged in the library according to the map coordinates

            of <ad2> where one map unit corresponds to 360 bases throughout

            (see [44],[67]).  For mutational changes in the ad2 sequence, see

            the appropriate references above.

            The origin of replication is located in the first fifty bases from

            each end.

            Transcription is leftward off the l-strand and rightward off the

            r-strand; in the former case, the annotation shows '(c)' for

            complementary strand.  Complex splicing events give rise to perhaps

            fifty or more distinct mRNA transcripts at early, intermediate and

            late times after infection, many of which are still being

            characterized; in particular, some transcripts are known from

            electron microscopy which are not yet characterized at the sequence

            level.  To date nine mRNA start sites (cap sites) have been

            identified, and these define the general units of mRNAs under which

            all known transcripts are classified.

            From the r-strand, the early transcripts are E1a, E1b and E3.  The

            28 kb late transcript called herein 'major late mRNA' comprises

            five families, L1 through L5, of 3' co-terminal mRNAs.  L1, and to

            a lesser extent L2, can be expressed at early and intermediate

            times [34].  Transcripts from this region contain a common

            tripartite leader sequence at their 5' ends: the three segments of

            this leader are encoded at bases 6039-6079, 7101-7172 and

            9634-9723.  At early and intermediate times, an extra leader

            segment, the 'i' leader, is frequently present (bases 7942-8381).

            The IX message, the only unspliced message in ad2, is intermediate,

            and its termination overlaps that for E1b on the same strand and

            that for IVa2, and most likely E2b, on the opposite strand. From

            the l-strand, or the 'comp strand', early expression derives from

            the E2a, E2b and E4 families of mRNAs, although there can be late

            transcription from E2a.  The E2b cap sites, splice sites and

            termination sites have not been determined at the sequence level.

            From electron microscopy there is evidence that the E2b mRNAs may

            originate at the E2a early cap site at 27092 (c) and terminate at

            the poly-A addition site found for the IVa2 mRNA at 4050 (c) [44].

            IVa2 is an intermediate message.  The promoters for these nine

            classes of mRNAs can be localized and characterized to the

            following extent [32]:

                mRNA          cap site      possible promoter region

               ------        ----------    -----------------------------

                E1a             498         tatttata at 468-474

                E1b            1699         tatataat at 1669-1676

                IX             3576         tatataa at 3545-3551

                major late     6039         tataaaa at 6008-6014

                E3            27609         tataa at 27580-27584

                E4            35609 (c)     tatatata at 35641-35633 (c)

                E2a early     27092 (c)     no obvious sequence for 100 bases


                E2a late      25956 (c)     tacaaattt at 25985-25977 (c)

                IVa2           5826 (c)     no obvious sequence for 100 bases


            The mRNA responsible for the 13.6K protein encoded at 7968 has not

            been identified.  The VA I and VA II transcripts are unique in that

            they are generated by RNA polymerase III; for a discussion of these

            low molecular weight RNAs-- the modulation of their start points,

            their promoters, their heterogeneity and their similarity to tRNA--

            see [3],[4],[5],[26] and <ad5a2>.

            The proteins known to be encoded from these mRNAs are given in the

            Features table below, though the details of translation and

            processing have not been fully determined.  In cases such as the

            IIIa peptide or the 11K peptide, the exact span of the coding

            awaits elucidation of the mRNA splicing.  Some of these products

            share reading frames and therefore manifest partial homologies. The

            following table summarizes the unidentified reading frames ('URF')

            of 100 or more amino acids:

                initiator    terminator      frame    protein encoded

                -----------  ----------     -------   -----------------

                 6280           6600           1      11.6K URF

                17284          17763           1      17.4K URF

                23782          24138           1      12.9K URF

                24481          24867           1      14.2K URF

                26044          26826           1      28.6K URF(contains the

                                                      N-terminus of 33K cds)

                30973          32778           1      63.9K URF(contains the

                                                      fiber cds)

                10421          10834           2      14.4K URF

                20504          20935           2      15.7K URF

                27899          28222           2      12.4K URF

                30059          30451           2      14.5k URF

                33956          34456           2      18.8K URF

                 9294           9800           3      17.7K URF

                23526          26525           3      110.2K URF(contains the

                                                      100K-pept cds)

                30444          30830           3      14.7K URF

                34470          34808           3      12.7K URF

                complementary strand


                35532          35146           1      14.3K URF

                34077          33193           1      34.1K URF

                11109          10744           1      12.8K URF

                 9030           8383           1      22.8K URF

                 6780           6442           1      12.8K URF

                31604          31290           2      10.7K URF

                31211          30852           2      13.5K URF

                18707          18159           2      18.9K URF

                14861          14424           2      16.4K URF

                14114          13728           2      13.5K URF

                11618          11250           2      13.6K URF

                 1712 1194 2 18.1K URF

                35113          34703           3      15.3K URF

                34342          33998           3      13.3K URF

                 5674           5327           3      12.2K URF Additionally

            there are numerous unidentified reading frames of less than 100

            amino acid residues; and further small modifications of a few of

            the coding sequences are possible.

            [7] missing data project.

FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers

     source          1..35937

                     /organism="Human adenovirus 2"

                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"


     repeat_region   1..102

                     /standard_name="inverted terminal repeat"


     variation       8

                     /note="a in [44],[(in) Doerfler,W. (Ed.);Adenovirus DNA:

                     1-51;Martinus Nijhoff Publishing, Boston ]; aa in other



     variation       460

                     /note="c in [44],[63]; t in [31]"


     prim_transcript 498..1630


     gene            498..1613


     CDS             join(559..1111,1226..1542)


                     /note="derived from the 13S mRNA"


                     /product="32 kD protein"









     CDS             join(559..973,1226..1542)


                     /note="derived from the 12S mRNA"


                     /product="26 kD protein"








     CDS             join(559..636,1226..1315)


                     /note="derived from the 9S mRNA"


                     /product="6 kD protein"





     intron          637..1225




     intron          974..1225




     intron          1112..1225




     polyA_signal    1608..1613


                     /note="4.47%; putative"

     prim_transcript 1699..4061


     gene            1699..3588


     CDS             1711..2238


                     /note="derived from 13S mRNA"


                     /product="20.5 kD protein"







     CDS             2016..3503


                     /note="derived from the 22S mRNA"


                     /product="transformation-associated protein"












     CDS             join(2016..2249,3270..3503)


                     /note="derived from the 1.26 kb mRNA"







     CDS             join(2016..2249,3212..3256)


                     /note="derived from the 1.31 kb mRNA"






     intron          2250..3588




     intron          2250..3269



     intron          2250..3211



     intron          3505..3588




     mRNA            3576..4061


     gene            3576..4034


     CDS             3600..4022



                     /product="hexon-associated protein"






     gene            4029..4034


     polyA_signal    4029..4034



     polyA_signal    4029..4034



     gene            complement(4050..27092)


     mRNA            complement(4050..27092)



     prim_transcript complement(4050..5826)



     gene            complement(4050..5695)


     CDS             complement(join(4081..5417,5696..5708))



                     /product="virion morphogenesis-associated protein"











     polyA_signal    complement(4085..4090)



     CDS             complement(5187..8357)

                     /gene="DNA polymerase"


                     /product="DNA polymerase"






















     gene            complement(5187..7213)

                     /gene="DNA polymerase"

     intron          complement(5418..5695)



     prim_transcript 6039..32798


     gene            6039..32779


     prim_transcript 6039..28223



     gene            6039..24094


     prim_transcript 6039..22443



     gene            6039..20487


     prim_transcript 6039..17969



     gene            6039..15856


     prim_transcript 6039..14113



     gene            6039..14097


     intron          6080..7100


                     /note="major late mRNA intron (precedes 2nd leader)"


     old_sequence    6443



     conflict        6574..6575




     intron          7173..7941

                     /gene="DNA polymerase"

                     /note="major late mRNA intron (precedes 'i' leader)"


     old_sequence    7212..7213



     CDS             7968..8417



                     /product="13.6 kD protein"






     intron          8382..9633


                     /note="major late mRNA intron (precedes 3rd leader)"


     CDS             complement(8573..10534)


                     /note="also known as Bellet protein"


                     /product="terminal protein"















     conflict        9315..9316




     variation       9382


                     /note="c is shown; can be cttc due to population




     conflict        9633..9634




     intron          9724..24094


                     /note="precedes 100K mRNA"


     intron          9724..21649


                     /note="precedes 23K mRNA"


     intron          9724..18801


                     /note="precedes hexon mRNA"


     intron          9724..17999


                     /note="precedes pVI mRNA"


     intron          9724..16515


                     /note="precedes pV mRNA"


     intron          9724..14149


                     /note="precedes penton mRNA"


     intron          9724..11039


                     /note="precedes 52,55K mRNA"


     misc_RNA        10607..10766

                     /gene="VA I"


     gene            10607..10716

                     /gene="VA I"

     misc_RNA        10610..10766

                     /gene="VA I"


     conflict        10715..10716

                     /gene="VA I"



     gene            10866..11023

                     /gene="VA II"

     misc_RNA        10866..11023

                     /gene="VA II"


     CDS             11040..12287



                     /product="52,55kD protein"











     variation       11062


                     /note="t in [43],[63]"



     gene            12308..14065


     CDS             12308..14065


                     /note="splice sites not sequenced"


                     /product="peripentonal hexon-associated protein"














     variation       14064..14080


                     /note="15 to 19 A residues have been observed in various




     polyA_signal    14092..14097


                     /note="39.1%; putative"

     CDS             14151..15866


                     /note="virion component III"


                     /product="penton protein"














     variation       15856


                     /note="g in [67],[(in) Doerfler,W. (Ed.);Adenovirus DNA:

                     1-51;Martinus Nijhoff Publishing, Boston ]"



     CDS             15873..16469




                     /product="major core protein"







     gene            15873..16437


     variation       15914


                     /note="c in [69],[63]"



     variation       15998


                     /note="g in [66],[63]"



     conflict        16205..16208




     variation       16437


                     /note="g in [66],[63]"



     gene            16539..17648


     CDS             16539..17648



                     /product="minor core protein"










     gene            17949..17964


     polyA_signal    17949..17954


                     /note="49.94%; putative"

     variation       17964


                     /note="g in [67],[(in) Doerfler,W. (Ed.);Adenovirus DNA:

                     1-51;Martinus Nijhoff Publishing, Boston ]used"



     gene            18001..18753


     CDS             18001..18753




                     /product="hexon-associated protein"








     CDS             18838..21744


                     /note="virion component II"


                     /product="hexon protein"




















     old_sequence    18914..18915



     old_sequence    18919



     old_sequence    19617



     old_sequence    19666



     old_sequence    19823



     old_sequence    20427



     old_sequence    20487



     gene            21778..22392

                     /gene="23 kD"

     CDS             21778..22392

                     /gene="23 kD"









     gene            22418..22423


     polyA_signal    22418..22423



     prim_transcript complement(22420..27092)



     prim_transcript complement(22420..27091)



     prim_transcript complement(22420..25956)



     prim_transcript complement(22420..25954)



     gene            complement(22420..22444)


     polyA_signal    complement(22439..22444)


                     /note="62.43%; putative"

     CDS             complement(22490..24079)


                     /note="72kD protein"


                     /product="DNA-binding protein"













     gene            complement(22490..22524)


     variation       22524


                     /note="t in [48],[(in) Doerfler,W. (Ed.);Adenovirus DNA:

                     1-51;Martinus Nijhoff Publishing, Boston ]"



     gene            complement(24089..25885)


     intron          complement(24089..24714)



     CDS             24108..26525


                     /note="100K protein"


                     /product="hexon assembly-associated protein"


















     intron          complement(24792..27024)



     intron          complement(24972..25885)


                     /note="does not fit consensus"


                     /cons_splice=(5'site:no, 3'site:no)

     gene            26239..27127


     CDS             join(26239..26551,26754..27127)



                     /product="virion morphogenesis-associated protein"








     gene            26552..26753

                     /gene="33kD protein"

     intron          26552..26753

                     /gene="33kD protein"


     gene            27215..27898


     CDS             27215..27898




                     /product="hexon-associated protein"








     mRNA            27609..30864



     gene            27609..30847


     mRNA            27609..29804



     mRNA            27609..29801



     mRNA            27609..29799



     mRNA            27609..29792



     gene            27609..29774


     intron          27981..28375


                     /note="major late mRNA intron ('x' leader)"


     polyA_signal    28205..28210


                     /note="major late mRNA L4 78.48%; putative"

     old_sequence    28339



     old_sequence    28350



     old_sequence    28359



     old_sequence    28465..28466



     old_sequence    28495..28497



     intron          28560..30437


                     /note="major late mRNA ('y' leader)"


     gene            28812..29773


     CDS             28812..29291


                     /note="19kD protein"


                     /product="glycosylated membrane protein"






     CDS             29468..29773



                     /product="11.6 kD protein"





     polyA_signal    29769..29774


                     /note="82.69%; putative"

     intron          30583..31029


                     /note="major late mRNA ('z' leader)"


     polyA_signal    30842..30847


                     /note="85.82%; putative"

     old_sequence    30980..30981



     CDS             31030..32778


                     /note="virion component IV"


                     /product="fiber protein"














     polyA_signal    32774..32779


                     /note="91.19%; putative"

     prim_transcript complement(32802..35609)


     gene            complement(32802..35547)


     polyA_signal    complement(32821..32826)


                     /note="91.32%; putative"

     intron          complement(33193..33903)



     intron          complement(33284..33903)



     intron          complement(33377..33903)



     intron          complement(33404..33903)



     intron          complement(33452..33903)



     intron          complement(33610..33903)



     intron          complement(33679..33903)



     intron          complement(33875..33903)



     intron          complement(34083..34288)



     intron          complement(34242..34288)



     intron          complement(34330..34605)



     variation       34344..34345


                     /note="tt in [44],[(in) Doerfler,W. (Ed.);Adenovirus DNA:

                     1-51;Martinus Nijhoff Publishing, Boston ]; t in [38]"

     CDS             complement(34356..34706)


                     /note="11kD protein; splice sites not sequenced"


                     /product="nuclear binding protein"






     intron          complement(34380..34605)



     intron          complement(34436..34605)



     intron          complement(34736..35547)



     intron          complement(35108..35547)


     repeat_region   35836..35937

                     /standard_name="inverted terminal repeat"



     variation       35930

                     /note="t in [44],[(in) Doerfler,W. (Ed.);Adenovirus DNA:

                     1-51;Martinus Nijhoff Publishing, Boston ]; tt in other




        1 catcatcata atatacctta ttttggattg aagccaatat gataatgagg gggtggagtt

       61 tgtgacgtgg cgcggggcgt gggaacgggg cgggtgacgt agtagtgtgg cggaagtgtg

      121 atgttgcaag tgtggcggaa cacatgtaag cgccggatgt ggtaaaagtg acgtttttgg

      181 tgtgcgccgg tgtatacggg aagtgacaat tttcgcgcgg ttttaggcgg atgttgtagt

      241 aaatttgggc gtaaccaagt aatgtttggc cattttcgcg ggaaaactga ataagaggaa

      301 gtgaaatctg aataattctg tgttactcat agcgcgtaat atttgtctag ggccgcgggg

      361 actttgaccg tttacgtgga gactcgccca ggtgtttttc tcaggtgttt tccgcgttcc

      421 gggtcaaagt tggcgtttta ttattatagt cagctgacgc gcagtgtatt tatacccggt

      481 gagttcctca agaggccact cttgagtgcc agcgagtaga gttttctcct ccgagccgct

      541 ccgacaccgg gactgaaaat gagacatatt atctgccacg gaggtgttat taccgaagaa

      601 atggccgcca gtcttttgga ccagctgatc gaagaggtac tggctgataa tcttccacct

      661 cctagccatt ttgaaccacc tacccttcac gaactgtatg atttagacgt gacggccccc

      721 gaagatccca acgaggaggc ggtttcgcag atttttcccg agtctgtaat gttggcggtg

      781 caggaaggga ttgacttatt cacttttccg ccggcgcccg gttctccgga gccgcctcac

      841 ctttcccggc agcccgagca gccggagcag agagccttgg gtccggtttc tatgccaaac

      901 cttgtgccgg aggtgatcga tcttacctgc cacgaggctg gctttccacc cagtgacgac

      961 gaggatgaag agggtgagga gtttgtgtta gattatgtgg agcaccccgg gcacggttgc

     1021 aggtcttgtc attatcaccg gaggaatacg ggggacccag atattatgtg ttcgctttgc

     1081 tatatgagga cctgtggcat gtttgtctac agtaagtgaa aattatgggc agtcggtgat

     1141 agagtggtgg gtttggtgtg gtaatttttt tttaattttt acagttttgt ggtttaaaga

     1201 attttgtatt gtgatttttt aaaaggtcct gtgtctgaac ctgagcctga gcccgagcca

     1261 gaaccggagc ctgcaagacc tacccggcgt cctaaattgg tgcctgctat cctgagacgc

     1321 ccgacatcac ctgtgtctag agaatgcaat agtagtacgg atagctgtga ctccggtcct

     1381 tctaacacac ctcctgagat acacccggtg gtcccgctgt gccccattaa accagttgcc

     1441 gtgagagttg gtgggcgtcg ccaggctgtg gaatgtatcg aggacttgct taacgagtct

     1501 gggcaacctt tggacttgag ctgtaaacgc cccaggccat aaggtgtaaa cctgtgattg

     1561 cgtgtgtggt taacgccttt gtttgctgaa tgagttgatg taagtttaat aaagggtgag

     1621 ataatgttta acttgcatgg cgtgttaaat ggggcggggc ttaaagggta tataatgcgc

     1681 cgtgggctaa tcttggttac atctgacctc atggaggctt gggagtgttt ggaagatttt

     1741 tctgctgtgc gtaacttgct ggaacagagc tctaacagta cctcttggtt ttggaggttt

     1801 ctgtggggct cctcccaggc aaagttagtc tgcagaatta aggaggatta caagtgggaa

     1861 tttgaagagc ttttgaaatc ctgtggtgag ctgtttgatt ctttgaatct gggtcaccag

     1921 gcgcttttcc aagagaaggt catcaagact ttggattttt ccacaccggg gcgcgctgcg

     1981 gctgctgttg cttttttgag ttttataaag gataaatgga gcgaagaaac ccatctgagc

     2041 ggggggtacc tgctggattt tctggccatg catctgtgga gagcggtggt gagacacaag

     2101 aatcgcctgc tactgttgtc ttccgtccgc ccggcaataa taccgacgga ggagcaacag

     2161 caggaggaag ccaggcggcg gcggcggcag gagcagagcc catggaaccc gagagccggc

     2221 ctggaccctc gggaatgaat gttgtacagg tggctgaact gtttccagaa ctgagacgca

     2281 ttttaaccat taacgaggat gggcaggggc taaagggggt aaagagggag cggggggctt

     2341 ctgaggctac agaggaggct aggaatctaa cttttagctt aatgaccaga caccgtcctg

     2401 agtgtgttac ttttcagcag attaaggata attgcgctaa tgagcttgat ctgctggcgc

     2461 agaagtattc catagagcag ctgaccactt actggctgca gccaggggat gattttgagg

     2521 aggctattag ggtatatgca aaggtggcac ttaggccaga ttgcaagtac aagattagca

     2581 aacttgtaaa tatcaggaat tgttgctaca tttctgggaa cggggccgag gtggagatag

     2641 atacggagga tagggtggcc tttagatgta gcatgataaa tatgtggccg ggggtgcttg

     2701 gcatggacgg ggtggttatt atgaatgtga ggtttactgg tcccaatttt agcggtacgg

     2761 ttttcctggc caataccaat cttatcctac acggtgtaag cttctatggg tttaacaata

     2821 cctgtgtgga agcctggacc gatgtaaggg ttcggggctg tgccttttac tgctgctgga

     2881 agggggtggt gtgtcgcccc aaaagcaggg cttcaattaa gaaatgcctg tttgaaaggt

     2941 gtaccttggg tatcctgtct gagggtaact ccagggtgcg ccacaatgtg gcctccgact

     3001 gtggttgctt catgctagtg aaaagcgtgg ctgtgattaa gcataacatg gtgtgtggca

     3061 actgcgagga cagggcctct cagatgctga cctgctcgga cggcaactgt cacttgctga

     3121 agaccattca cgtagccagc cactctcgca aggcctggcc agtgtttgag cacaacatac

     3181 tgacccgctg ttccttgcat ttgggtaaca ggaggggggt gttcctacct taccaatgca

     3241 atttgagtca cactaagata ttgcttgagc ccgagagcat gtccaaggtg aacctgaacg

     3301 gggtgtttga catgaccatg aagatctgga aggtgctgag gtacgatgag acccgcacca

     3361 ggtgcagacc ctgcgagtgt ggcggtaaac atattaggaa ccagcctgtg atgctggatg

     3421 tgaccgagga gctgaggccc gatcacttgg tgctggcctg cacccgcgct gagtttggct

     3481 ctagcgatga agatacagat tgaggtactg aaatgtgtgg gcgtggctta agggtgggaa

     3541 agaatatata aggtgggggt ctcatgtagt tttgtatctg ttttgcagca gccgccgcca

     3601 tgagcgccaa ctcgtttgat ggaagcattg tgagctcata tttgacaacg cgcatgcccc

     3661 catgggccgg ggtgcgtcag aatgtgatgg gctccagcat tgatggtcgc cccgtcctgc

     3721 ccgcaaactc tactaccttg acctacgaga ccgtgtctgg aacgccgttg gagactgcag

     3781 cctccgccgc cgcttcagcc gctgcagcca ccgcccgcgg gattgtgact gactttgctt

     3841 tcctgagccc gcttgcaagc agtgcagctt cccgttcatc cgcccgcgat gacaagttga

     3901 cggctctttt ggcacaattg gattctttga cccgggaact taatgtcgtt tctcagcagc

     3961 tgttggatct gcgccagcag gtttctgccc tgaaggcttc ctcccctccc aatgcggttt

     4021 aaaacataaa taaaaaccag actctgtttg gattttgatc aagcaagtgt cttgctgtct

     4081 ttatttaggg gttttgcgcg cgcggtaggc ccgggaccag cggtctcggt cgttgagggt

     4141 cctgtgtatt ttttccagga cgtggtaaag gtgactctgg atgttcagat acatgggcat

     4201 aagcccgtct ctggggtgga ggtagcacca ctgcagagct tcatgctgcg gggtggtgtt

     4261 gtagatgatc cagtcgtagc aggagcgctg ggcgtggtgc ctaaaaatgt ctttcagtag

     4321 caagctgatt gccaggggca ggcccttggt gtaagtgttt acaaagcggt taagctggga

     4381 tgggtgcata cgtggggata tgagatgcat cttggactgt atttttaggt tggctatgtt

     4441 cccagccata tccctccggg gattcatgtt gtgcagaacc accagcacag tgtatccggt

     4501 gcacttggga aatttgtcat gtagcttaga aggaaatgcg tggaagaact tggagacgcc

     4561 cttgtgacct ccgagatttt ccatgcattc gtccataatg atggcaatgg gcccacgggc

     4621 ggcggcctgg gcgaagatat ttctgggatc actaacgtca tagttgtgtt ccaggatgag

     4681 atcgtcatag gccattttta caaagcgcgg gcggagggtg ccagactgcg gtataatggt

     4741 tccatccggc ccaggggcgt agttaccctc acagatttgc atttcccacg ctttgagttc

     4801 agatgggggg atcatgtcta cctgcggggc gatgaagaaa accgtttccg gggtagggga

     4861 gatcagctgg gaagaaagca ggttcctgag cagctgcgac ttaccgcagc cggtgggccc

     4921 gtaaatcaca cctattaccg gctgcaactg gtagttaaga gagctgcagc tgccgtcatc

     4981 cctgagcagg ggggccactt cgttaagcat gtccctgact tgcatgtttt ccctgaccaa

     5041 atgcgccaga aggcgctcgc cgcccagcga tagcagttct tgcaaggaag caaagttttt

     5101 caacggtttg aggccgtccg ccgtaggcat gcttttgagc gtttgaccaa gcagttccag

     5161 gcggtcccac agctcggtca cgtgctctac ggcatctcga tccagcatat ctcctcgttt

     5221 cgcgggttgg ggcggctttc gctgtacggc agtagtcggt gctcgtccag acgggccagg

     5281 gtcatgtctt tccacgggcg cagggtcctc gtcagcgtag tctgggtcac ggtgaagggg

     5341 tgcgctccgg gctgcgcgct ggccagggtg cgcttgaggc tggtcctgct ggtgctgaag

     5401 cgctgccggt cttcgccctg cgcgtcggcc aggtagcatt tgaccatggt gtcatagtcc

     5461 agcccctccg cggcgtggcc cttggcgcgc agcttgccct tggaggaggc gccgcacgag

     5521 gggcagtgca gacttttaag ggcgtagagc ttgggcgcga gaaataccga ttccggggag

     5581 taggcatccg cgccgcaggc cccgcagacg gtctcgcatt ccacgagcca ggtgagctct

     5641 ggccgttcgg ggtcaaaaac caggtttccc ccatgctttt tgatgcgttt cttacctctg

     5701 gtttccatga gccggtgtcc acgctcggtg acgaaaaggc tgtccgtgtc cccgtataca

     5761 gacttgagag gcctgtcctc gagcggtgtt ccgcggtcct cctcgtatag aaactcggac

     5821 cactctgaga cgaaggctcg cgtccaggcc agcacgaagg aggctaagtg ggaggggtag

     5881 cggtcgttgt ccactagggg gtccactcgc tccagggtgt gaagacacat gtcgccctct

     5941 tcggcatcaa ggaaggtgat tggtttatag gtgtaggcca cgtgaccggg tgttcctgaa

     6001 ggggggctat aaaagggggt gggggcgcgt tcgtcctcac tctcttccgc atcgctgtct

     6061 gcgagggcca gctgttgggg tgagtactcc ctctcaaaag cgggcatgac ttctgcgcta

     6121 agattgtcag tttccaaaaa cgaggaggat ttgatattca cctggcccgc ggtgatgcct

     6181 ttgagggtgg ccgcgtccat ctggtcagaa aagacaatct ttttgttgtc aagcttggtg

     6241 gcaaacgacc cgtagagggc gttggacagc aacttggcga tggagcgcag ggtttggttt

     6301 ttgtcgcgat cggcgcgctc cttggccgcg atgtttagct gcacgtattc gcgcgcaacg

     6361 caccgccatt cgggaaagac ggtggtgcgc tcgtcgggca ccaggtgcac gcgccaaccg

     6421 cggttgtgca gggtgacaag gtcaacgctg gtggctacct ctccgcgtag gcgctcgttg

     6481 gtccagcaga ggcggccgcc cttgcgcgaa cagaatggcg gtagtgggtc tagctgcgtc

     6541 tcgtccgggg ggtctgcgtc cacggtaaag accccgggca gcaggcgcgc gtcgaagtag

     6601 tctatcttgc atccttgcaa gtctagcgcc tgctgccatg cgcgggcggc aagcgcgcgc

     6661 tcgtatgggt tgagtggggg accccatggc atggggtggg tgagcgcgga ggcgtacatg

     6721 ccgcaaatgt cgtaaacgta gaggggctct ctgagtattc caagatatgt agggtagcat

     6781 cttccaccgc ggatgctggc gcgcacgtaa tcgtatagtt cgtgcgaggg agcgaggagg

     6841 tcgggaccga ggttgctacg ggcgggctgc tctgctcgga agactatctg cctgaagatg

     6901 gcatgtgagt tggatgatat ggttggacgc tggaagacgt tgaagctggc gtctgtgaga

     6961 cctaccgcgt cacgcacgaa ggaggcgtag gagtcgcgca gcttgttgac cagctcggcg

     7021 gtgacctgca cgtctagggc gcagtagtcc agggtttcct tgatgatgtc atacttatcc

     7081 tgtccctttt ttttccacag ctcgcggttg aggacaaact cttcgcggtc tttccagtac

     7141 tcttggatcg gaaacccgtc ggcctccgaa cggtaagagc ctagcatgta gaactggttg

     7201 acggcctggt aggcgcagca tcccttttct acgggtagcg cgtatgcctg cgcggccttc

     7261 cggagcgagg tgtgggtgag cgcaaaggtg tccctaacca tgactttgag gtactggtat

     7321 ttgaagtcag tgtcgtcgca tccgccctgc tcccagagca aaaagtccgt gcgctttttg

     7381 gaacgcgggt ttggcagggc gaaggtgaca tcgttgaaaa gtatctttcc cgcgcgaggc

     7441 ataaagttgc gtgtgatgcg gaagggtccc ggcacctcgg aacggttgtt aattacctgg

     7501 gcggcgagca cgatctcgtc gaagccgttg atgttgtggc ccacgatgta aagttccaag

     7561 aagcgcgggg tgcccttgat ggagggcaat tttttaagtt cctcgtaggt gagctcctca

     7621 ggggagctga gcccgtgttc tgacagggcc cagtctgcaa gatgagggtt ggaagcgacg

     7681 aatgagctcc acaggtcacg ggccattagc atttgcaggt ggtcgcgaaa ggtcctaaac

     7741 tggcgaccta tggccatttt ttctggggtg atgcagtaga aggtaagcgg gtcttgttcc

     7801 cagcggtccc atccaaggtc cacggctagg tctcgcgcgg cggtcaccag aggctcatct

     7861 ccgccgaact tcataaccag catgaagggc acgagctgct tcccaaaggc ccccatccaa

     7921 gtataggtct ctacatcgta ggtgacaaag agacgctcgg tgcgaggatg cgagccgatc

     7981 gggaagaact ggatctcccg ccaccagttg gaggagtggc tgttgatgtg gtgaaagtag

     8041 aagtccctgc gacgggccga acactcgtgc tggcttttgt aaaaacgtgc gcagtactgg

     8101 cagcggtgca cgggctgtac atcctgcacg aggttgacct gacgaccgcg cacaaggaag

     8161 cagagtggga atttgagccc ctcgcctggc gggtttggct ggtggtcttc tacttcggct

     8221 gcttgtcctt gaccgtctgg ctgctcgagg ggagttatgg tggatcggac caccacgccg

     8281 cgcgagccca aagtccagat gtccgcgcgc ggcggtcgga gcttgatgac aacatcgcgc

     8341 agatgggagc tgtccatggt ctggagctcc cgcggcgaca ggtcaggcgg gagctcctgc

     8401 aggtttacct cgcatagccg ggtcagggcg cgggctaggt ccaggtgata cctgatttcc

     8461 aggggctggt tggtggcggc gtcgatgact tgcaagaggc cgcatccccg cggcgcgact

     8521 acggtaccgc gcggcgggcg gtgggccgcg ggggtgtcct tggatgatgc atctaaaagc

     8581 ggtgacgcgg gcgggccccc ggaggtaggg ggggctcggg acccgccggg agagggggca

     8641 ggggcacgtc ggcgccgcgc gcgggcagga gctggtgctg cgcgcggagg ttgctggcga

     8701 acgcgacgac gcggcggttg atctcctgaa tctggcgcct ctgcgtgaag acgacgggcc

     8761 cggtgagctt gaacctgaaa gagagttcga cagaatcaat ttcggtgtcg ttgacggcgg

     8821 cctggcgcaa aatctcctgc acgtctcctg agttgtcttg ataggcgatt tcggccatga

     8881 actgctcgat ctcttcctcc tggagatctc cgcgtccggc tcgctccacg gtggcggcga

     8941 ggtcgttgga gatgcgggcc atgagctgcg agaaggcgtt gaggcctccc tcgttccaga

     9001 cgcggctgta gaccacgccc ccttcggcat cgcgggcgcg catgaccacc tgcgcgagat

     9061 tgagctccac gtgccgggcg aagacggcgt agtttcgcag gcgctgaaag aggtagttga

     9121 gggtggtggc ggtgtgttct gccacgaaga agtacataac ccagcgtcgc aacgtggatt

     9181 cgttgatatc ccccaaggcc tcaaggcgct ccatggcctc gtagaagtcc acggcgaagt

     9241 tgaaaaactg ggagttgcgc gccgacacgg ttaactcctc ctccagaaga cggatgagct

     9301 cggcgacagt gtcgcgcacc tcgcgctcaa aggctacagg ggcctcttct tcttcaatct

     9361 cctcttccat aagggcctcc ccttcttctt cttcttctgg cggcggtggg ggagggggga

     9421 cacggcggcg acgacggcgc accgggaggc ggtcgacaaa gcgctcgatc atctccccgc

     9481 ggcgacggcg catggtctcg gtgacggcgc ggccgttctc gcgggggcgc agttggaaga

     9541 cgccgcccgt catgtcccgg ttatgggttg gcggggggct gccgtgcggc agggatacgg

     9601 cgctaacgat gcatctcaac aattgttgtg taggtactcc gccaccgagg gacctgagcg

     9661 agtccgcatc gaccggatcg gaaaacctct cgagaaaggc gtctaaccag tcacagtcgc

     9721 aaggtaggct gagcaccgtg gcgggcggca gcgggtggcg gtcggggttg tttctggcgg

     9781 aggtgctgct gatgatgtaa ttaaagtagg cggtcttgag acggcggatg gtcgacagaa

     9841 gcaccatgtc cttgggtccg gcctgctgaa tgcgcaggcg gtcggccatg ccccaggctt

     9901 cgttttgaca tcggcgcagg tctttgtagt agtcttgcat gagcctttct accggcactt

     9961 cttcttctcc ttcctcttgt cctgcatctc ttgcatctat cgctacggcg gcggcggagt

    10021 ttggccgtag gtggcgccct cttcctccca tgcgtgtgac cccgaagccc ctcatcggct

    10081 gaagcagggc caggtcggcg acaacgcgct cggctaatat ggcctgctgc acctgcgtga

    10141 gggtagactg gaagtcatcc atgtccacaa agcggtggta tgcgcccgtg ttgatggtgt

    10201 aagtgcagtt ggccataacg gaccagttaa cggtctggtg acccggctgc gagagctcgg

    10261 tgtacctgag acgcgagtaa gcccttgagt caaagacgta gtcgttgcaa gtccgcacca

    10321 ggtactgata tcccaccaaa aagtgcggcg gcggctggcg gtagaggggc cagcgtaggg

    10381 tggccggggc tccgggggcg aggtcttcca acataaggcg atgatatccg tagatgtacc

    10441 tggacatcca ggtgatgccg gcggcggtgg tggaggcgcg cggaaagtcg cggacgcggt

    10501 tccagatgtt gcgcagcggc aaaaagtgct ccatggtcgg gacgctctgg ccggtgaggc

    10561 gtgcgcagtc gttgacgctc tagaccgtgc aaaaggagag cctgtaagcg ggcactcttc

    10621 cgtggtctgg tggataaatt cgcaagggta tcatggcgga cgaccggggt tcgaaccccg

    10681 gatccggccg tccgccgtga tccatgcggt taccgcccgc gtgtcgaacc caggtgtgcg

    10741 acgtcagaca acgggggagc gctccttttg gcttccttcc aggcgcggcg gctgctgcgc

    10801 tagctttttt ggccactggc cgcgcgcggc gtaagcggtt aggctggaaa gcgaaagcat

    10861 taagtggctc gctccctgta gccggagggt tattttccaa gggttgagtc gcaggacccc

    10921 cggttcgagt ctcgggccgg ccggactgcg gcgaacgggg gtttgcctcc ccgtcatgca

    10981 agaccccgct tgcaaattcc tccggaaaca gggacgagcc ccttttttgc ttttcccaga

    11041 tgcatccggt gctgcggcag atgcgccccc ctcctcagca gcggcaagag caagagcagc

    11101 ggcagacatg cagggcaccc tccccttctc ctaccgcgtc aggaggggca acatccgcgg

    11161 ctgacgcggc ggcagatggt gattacgaac ccccgcggcg ccgggcccgg cactacctgg

    11221 acttggagga gggcgagggc ctggcgcggc taggagcgcc ctctcctgag cgacacccaa

    11281 gggtgcagct gaagcgtgac acgcgcgagg cgtacgtgcc gcggcagaac ctgtttcgcg

    11341 accgcgaggg agaggagccc gaggagatgc gggatcgaaa gttccacgca gggcgcgagt

    11401 tgcggcatgg cctgaaccgc gagcggttgc tgcgcgagga ggactttgag cccgacgcgc

    11461 ggaccgggat tagtcccgcg cgcgcacacg tggcggccgc cgacctggta accgcgtacg

    11521 agcagacggt gaaccaggag attaactttc aaaaaagctt taacaaccac gtgcgcacgc

    11581 ttgtggcgcg cgaggaggtg gctataggac tgatgcatct gtgggacttt gtaagcgcgc

    11641 tggagcaaaa cccaaatagc aagccgctca tggcgcagct gttccttata gtgcagcaca

    11701 gcagggacaa cgaggcattc agggatgcgc tgctaaacat agtagagccc gagggccgct

    11761 ggctgctcga tttgataaac attctgcaga gcatagtggt gcaggagcgc agcttgagcc

    11821 tggctgacaa ggtggccgcc attaactatt ccatgctcag tctgggcaag ttttacgccc

    11881 gcaagatata ccatacccct tacgttccca tagacaagga ggtaaagatc gaggggttct

    11941 acatgcgcat ggcgttgaag gtgcttacct tgagcgacga cctgggcgtt tatcgcaacg

    12001 agcgcatcca caaggccgtg agcgtgagcc ggcggcgcga gctcagcgac cgcgagctga

    12061 tgcacagcct gcaaagggcc ctggctggca cgggcagcgg cgatagagag gccgagtcct

    12121 actttgacgc gggcgctgac ctgcgctggg ccccaagccg acgcgccctg gaggcagctg

    12181 gggccggacc tgggctggcg gtggcacccg cgcgcgctgg caacgtcggc ggcgtggagg

    12241 aatatgacga ggacgatgag tacgagccag aggacggcga gtactaagcg gtgatgtttc

    12301 tgatcagatg atgcaagacg caacggaccc ggcggtgcgg gcggcgctgc agagccagcc

    12361 gtccggcctt aactccacgg acgactggcg ccaggtcatg gaccgcatca tgtcgctgac

    12421 tgcgcgtaac cctgacgcgt tccggcagca gccgcaggcc aaccggctct ccgcaattct

    12481 ggaagcggtg gtcccggcgc gcgcaaaccc cacgcacgag aaggtgctgg cgatcgtaaa

    12541 cgcgctggcc gaaaacaggg ccatccggcc cgatgaggcc ggcctggtct acgacgcgct

    12601 gcttcagcgc gtggctcgtt acaacagcgg caacgtgcag accaacctgg accggctggt

    12661 gggggatgtg cgcgaggccg tggcgcagcg tgagcgcgcg cagcagcagg gcaacctggg

    12721 ctccatggtt gcactaaacg ccttcctgag tacacagccc gccaacgtgc cgcggggaca

    12781 ggaggactac accaactttg tgagcgcact gcggctaatg gtgactgaga caccgcaaag

    12841 tgaggtgtac cagtccgggc cagactattt tttccagacc agtagacaag gcctgcagac

    12901 cgtaaacctg agccaggctt tcaagaactt gcaggggctg tggggggtgc gggctcccac

    12961 aggcgaccgc gcgaccgtgt ctagcttgct gacgcccaac tcgcgcctgt tgctgctgct

    13021 aatagcgccc ttcacggaca gtggcagcgt gtcccgggac acatacctag gtcacttgct

    13081 gacactgtac cgcgaggcca taggtcaggc gcatgtggac gagcatactt tccaggagat

    13141 tacaagtgtc agccgcgcgc tggggcagga ggacacgggc agcctggagg caaccctgaa

    13201 ctacctgctg accaaccggc ggcagaagat cccctcgttg cacagtttaa acagcgagga

    13261 ggagcgcatc ttgcgctatg tgcagcagag cgtgagcctt aacctgatgc gcgacggggt

    13321 aacgcccagc gtggcgctgg acatgaccgc gcgcaacatg gaaccgggca tgtatgcctc

    13381 aaaccggccg tttatcaatc gcctaatgga ctacttgcat cgcgcggccg ccgtgaaccc

    13441 cgagtatttc accaatgcca tcttgaaccc gcactggcta ccgccccctg gtttctacac

    13501 cgggggattt gaggtgcccg agggtaacga tggattcctc tgggacgaca tagacgacag

    13561 cgtgttttcc ccgcaaccgc agaccctgct agagttgcaa cagcgcgagc aggcagaggc

    13621 ggcgctgcga aaggaaagct tccgcaggcc aagcagcttg tccgatctag gcgctgcggc

    13681 cccgcggtca gatgcgagta gcccatttcc aagcttgata gggtctttta ccagcactcg

    13741 caccacccgc ccgcgcctgc tgggcgagga ggagtaccta aacaactcgc tgctgcagcc

    13801 gcagcgcgaa aagaacctgc ctccggcatt tcccaacaac gggatagaga gcctagtgga

    13861 caagatgagt agatggaaga cgtatgcgca ggagcacagg gatgtgcccg gcccgcgccc

    13921 gcccacccgt cgtcaaaggc acgaccgtca gcggggtctg gtgtgggagg acgatgactc

    13981 ggcagacgac agcagcgtcc tggatttggg agggagtggc aacccgtttg cgcaccttcg

    14041 ccccaggctg gggagaatgt tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gcatgatgca aaataaaaaa

    14101 ctcaccaagg ccatggcacc gagcgttggt tttcttgtat tccccttagt atgcagcgcg

    14161 cggcgatgta tgaggaaggt cctcctccct cctacgagag cgtggtgagc gcggcgccag

    14221 tggcggcggc gctgggttcc cccttcgatg ctcccctgga cccgccgttt gtgcctccgc

    14281 ggtacctgcg gcctaccggg gggagaaaca gcatccgtta ctctgagttg gcacccctat

    14341 tcgacaccac ccgtgtgtac cttgtggaca acaagtcaac ggatgtggca tccctgaact

    14401 accagaacga ccacagcaac tttctaacca cggtcattca aaacaatgac tacagcccgg

    14461 gggaggcaag cacacagacc atcaatcttg acgaccgttc gcactggggc ggcgacctga

    14521 aaaccatcct gcataccaac atgccaaatg tgaacgagtt catgtttacc aataagttta

    14581 aggcgcgggt gatggtgtcg cgctcgctta ctaaggacaa acaggtggag ctgaaatatg

    14641 agtgggtgga gttcacgctg cccgagggca actactccga gaccatgacc atagacctta

    14701 tgaacaacgc gatcgtggag cactacttga aagtgggcag gcagaacggg gttctggaaa

    14761 gcgacatcgg ggtaaagttt gacacccgca acttcagact ggggtttgac ccagtcactg

    14821 gtcttgtcat gcctggggta tatacaaacg aagccttcca tccagacatc attttgctgc

    14881 caggatgcgg ggtggacttc acccacagcc gcctgagcaa cttgttgggc atccgcaagc

    14941 ggcaaccctt ccaggagggc tttaggatca cctacgatga cctggagggt ggtaacattc

    15001 ccgcactgtt ggatgtggac gcctaccagg caagcttaaa agatgacacc gaacagggcg

    15061 gggatggcgc aggcggcggc aacaacagtg gcagcggcgc ggaagagaac tccaacgcgg

    15121 cagccgcggc aatgcagccg gtggaggaca tgaacgatca tgccattcgc ggcgacacct

    15181 ttgccacacg ggcggaggag aagcgcgctg aggccgaggc agcggcagaa gctgccgccc

    15241 ccgctgcgca acccgaggtc gagaagcctc agaagaaacc ggtgatcaaa cccctgacag

    15301 aggacagcaa gaaacgcagt tacaacctaa taagcaatga cagcaccttc acccagtacc

    15361 gcagctggta ccttgcatac aactacggcg accctcagac cgggatccgc tcatggaccc

    15421 tcctttgcac tcctgacgta acctgcggct cggagcaggt ctactggtcg ttgccagaca

    15481 tgatgcaaga ccccgtgacc ttccgctcca cgagccagat cagcaacttt ccggtggtgg

    15541 gcgccgagct gttgcccgtg cactccaaga gcttctacaa cgaccaggcc gtctactccc

    15601 agctcatccg ccagtttacc tctctgaccc acgtgttcaa tcgctttccc gagaaccaga

    15661 ttttggcgcg cccgccagcc cccaccatca ccaccgtcag tgaaaacgtt cctgctctca

    15721 cagatcacgg gacgctaccg ctgcgcaaca gcatcggagg agtccagcga gtgaccatta

    15781 ctgacgccag acgccgcacc tgcccctacg tttacaaggc cctgggcata gtctcgccgc

    15841 gcgtcctatc gagccgcact ttttgagcaa acatgtccat ccttatatcg cccagcaata

    15901 acacaggctg gggcctgcgc ttcccaagca agatgtttgg cggggcaaag aagcgctccg

    15961 accaacaccc agtgcgcgtg cgcgggcact accgcgcgcc ctggggcgcg cacaaacgcg

    16021 gccgcactgg gcgcaccacc gtcgatgacg ccattgacgc ggtggtggag gaggcgcgca

    16081 actacacgcc cacgccgcca ccagtgtcca cagtggacgc ggccattcag accgtggtgc

    16141 gcggagcccg gcgttatgct aaaatgaaga gacggcggag gcgcgtagca cgtcgccacc

    16201 gccgccgacc cggcactgcc gcccaacgcg cggcggcggc cctgcttaac cgcgcacgtc

    16261 gcaccggccg acgggcggcc atgcgggccg ctcgaaggct ggccgcgggt attgtcactg

    16321 tgccccccag gtccaggcga cgagcggccg ccgcagcagc cgcggccatt agtgctatga

    16381 ctcagggtcg caggggcaac gtgtactggg tgcgcgactc ggttagcggc ctgcgcgtgc

    16441 ccgtgcgcac ccgccccccg cgcaactaga ttgcaagaaa aaactactta gactcgtact

    16501 gttgtatgta tccagcggcg gcggcgcgca acgaagctat gtccaagcgc aaaatcaaag

    16561 aagagatgct ccaggtcatc gcgccggaga tctatggccc cccgaagaag gaagagcagg

    16621 attacaagcc ccgaaagcta aagcgggtca aaaagaaaaa gaaagatgat gatgatgatg

    16681 aacttgacga cgaggtggaa ctgctgcacg caaccgcgcc caggcggcgg gtacagtgga

    16741 aaggtcgacg cgtaagacgt gttttgcgac ccggcaccac cgtagttttt acgcccggtg

    16801 agcgctccac ccgcacctac aagcgcgtgt atgatgaggt gtacggcgac gaggacctgc

    16861 ttgagcaggc caacgagcgc ctcggggagt ttgcctacgg aaagcggcat aaggacatgt

    16921 tggcgttgcc gctggacgag ggcaacccaa cacctagcct aaagcccgtg acactgcagc

    16981 aggtgctgcc cacgcttgca ccgtccgaag aaaagcgcgg cctaaagcgc gagtctggtg

    17041 acttggcacc caccgtgcag ctgatggtac ccaagcgcca gcgactggaa gatgtcttgg

    17101 aaaaaatgac cgtggagcct gggctggagc ccgaggtccg cgtgcggcca atcaagcagg

    17161 tggcaccggg actgggcgtg cagaccgtgg acgttcagat acccaccacc agtagcacta

    17221 gtattgccac tgccacagag ggcatggaga cacaaacgtc cccggttgcc tcggcggtgg

    17281 cagatgccgc ggtgcaggcg gccgctgcgg ccgcgtccaa aacctctacg gaggtgcaaa

    17341 cggacccgtg gatgtttcgc gtttcagccc cccggcgccc gcgccgttcc aggaagtacg

    17401 gcaccgccag cgcactactg cccgaatatg ccctacatcc ttccatcgcg cctacccccg

    17461 gctatcgtgg ctacacctac cgccccagaa gacgagcgac tacccgacgc cgaaccacca

    17521 ctggaacccg ccgccgccgt cgccgtcgcc agcccgtgct ggccccgatt tccgtgcgca

    17581 gggtggctcg cgaaggaggc aggaccctgg tgctgccaac agcgcgctac caccccagca

    17641 tcgtttaaaa gccggtcttt gtggttcttg cagatatggc cctcacctgc cgcctccgtt

    17701 tcccggtgcc gggattccga ggaagaatgc accgtaggag gggcatggcc ggccacggcc

    17761 tgacgggcgg catgcgtcgt gcgcaccacc ggcggcggcg cgcgtcgcac cgtcgcatgc

    17821 gcggcggtat cctgcccctc cttattccac tgatcgccgc ggcgattggc gccgtgcccg

    17881 gaattgcatc cgtggccttg caggcgcaga gacactgatt aaaaacaagt tgcatgtgga

    17941 aaaatcaaaa taaaaagtct ggagtctcac gctcgcttgg tcctgtaact attttgtaga

    18001 atggaagaca tcaactttgc gtctctggcc ccgcgacacg gctcgcgccc gttcatggga

    18061 aactggcaag atatcggcac cagcaatatg agcggtggcg ccttcagctg gggctcgctg

    18121 tggagcggca ttaaaaattt cggttccacc attaagaact atggcagcaa ggcctggaac

    18181 agcagcacag gccagatgct gagggacaag ttgaaagagc aaaatttcca acaaaaggtg

    18241 gtagatggcc tggcctctgg cattagcggg gtggtggacc tggccaacca ggcagtgcaa

    18301 aataagatta acagtaagct tgatccccgc cctcccgtag aggagcctcc accggccgtg

    18361 gagacagtgt ctccagaggg gcgtggcgaa aagcgtccgc ggcccgacag ggaagaaact

    18421 ctggtgacgc aaatagatga gcctccctcg tacgaggagg cactaaagca aggcctgccc

    18481 accacccgtc ccatcgcgcc catggctacc ggagtgctgg gccagcacac acctgtaacg

    18541 ctggacctgc ctccccccgc tgacacccag cagaaacctg tgctgccagg gccgtccgcc

    18601 gttgttgtaa cccgccctag ccgcgcgtcc ctgcgccgtg ccgccagcgg tccgcgatcg

    18661 atgcggcccg tagccagtgg caactggcaa agcacactga acagcatcgt gggtctgggg

    18721 gtgcaatccc tgaagcgccg acgatgcttc taaatagcta acgtgtcgta tgtgtcatgt

    18781 atgcgtccat gtcgccgcca gaggagctgc tgagccgccg tgcgcccgct ttccaagatg

    18841 gctacccctt cgatgatgcc gcagtggtct tacatgcaca tctcgggcca ggacgcctcg

    18901 gagtacctga gccccgggct ggtgcagttt gcccgcgcca ccgagacgta cttcagcctg

    18961 aataacaagt ttagaaaccc cacggtggca cctacgcacg acgtaaccac agaccggtcc

    19021 cagcgtttga cgctgcggtt catccctgtg gaccgcgagg ataccgcgta ctcgtacaaa

    19081 gcgcggttca ccctggctgt gggtgacaac cgtgtgcttg atatggcttc cacgtacttt

    19141 gacatccgcg gcgtgctgga cagggggcct acttttaagc cctactccgg cactgcctac

    19201 aacgctctag ctcccaaggg cgctcctaac tcctgtgagt gggaacaaac cgaagatagc

    19261 ggccgggcag ttgccgagga tgaagaagag gaagatgaag atgaagaaga ggaagaagaa

    19321 gagcaaaacg ctcgagatca ggctactaag aaaacacatg tctatgccca ggctcctttg

    19381 tctggagaaa caattacaaa aagcgggcta caaataggat cagacaatgc agaaacacaa

    19441 gctaaacctg tatacgcaga tccttcctat caaccagaac ctcaaattgg cgaatctcag

    19501 tggaacgaag ctgatgctaa tgcggcagga gggagagtgc ttaaaaaaac aactcccatg

    19561 aaaccatgct atggatctta tgccaggcct acaaatcctt ttggtggtca atccgttctg

    19621 gttccggatg aaaaaggggt gcctcttcca aaggttgact tgcaattctt ctcaaatact

    19681 acctctttga acgaccggca aggcaatgct actaaaccaa aagtggtttt gtacagtgaa

    19741 gatgtaaata tggaaacccc agacacacat ctgtcttaca aacctggaaa aggtgatgaa

    19801 aattctaaag ctatgttggg tcaacaatct atgccaaaca gacccaatta cattgctttc

    19861 agggacaatt ttattggcct aatgtattat aacagcactg gcaacatggg tgttcttgct

    19921 ggtcaggcat cgcagctaaa tgccgtggta gatttgcaag acagaaacac agagctgtcc

    19981 tatcaactct tgcttgattc cataggtgat agaaccagat atttttctat gtggaatcag

    20041 gctgtagaca gctatgatcc agatgttaga atcattgaaa accatggaac tgaggatgaa

    20101 ttgccaaatt attgttttcc tcttgggggt attggggtaa ctgacaccta tcaagctatt

    20161 aaggctaatg gcaatggctc aggcgataat ggagatacta catggacaaa agatgaaact

    20221 tttgcaacac gtaatgaaat aggagtgggt aacaactttg ccatggaaat taacctaaat

    20281 gccaacctat ggagaaattt cctttactcc aatattgcgc tgtacctgcc agacaagcta

    20341 aaatacaacc ccaccaatgt ggaaatatct gacaacccca acacctacga ctacatgaac

    20401 aagcgagtgg tggctcccgg gcttgtagac tgctacatta accttggggc gcgctggtct

    20461 ctggactaca tggacaacgt taatcccttt aaccaccacc gcaatgcggg cctccgttat

    20521 cgctccatgt tgttgggaaa cggccgctac gtgccctttc acattcaggt gccccaaaag

    20581 ttttttgcca ttaaaaacct cctcctcctg ccaggctcat atacatatga atggaacttc

    20641 aggaaggatg ttaacatggt tctgcagagc tctctgggaa acgatcttag agttgacggg

    20701 gctagcatta agtttgacag catttgtctt tacgccacct tcttccccat ggcccacaac

    20761 acggcctcca cgctggaagc catgctcaga aatgacacca acgaccagtc ctttaatgac

    20821 tacctttccg ccgccaacat gctatacccc atacccgcca acgccaccaa cgtgcccatc

    20881 tccatcccat cgcgcaactg ggcagcattt cgcggttggg ccttcacacg cttgaagaca

    20941 aaggaaaccc cttccctggg atcaggctac gacccttact acacctactc tggctccata

    21001 ccataccttg acggaacctt ctatcttaat cacaccttta agaaggtggc cattaccttt

    21061 gactcttctg ttagctggcc gggcaacgac cgcctgctta ctcccaatga gtttgagatt

    21121 aaacgctcag ttgacgggga gggctacaac gtagctcagt gcaacatgac caaggactgg

    21181 ttcctggtgc agatgttggc caactacaat attggctacc agggcttcta cattccagaa

    21241 agctacaagg accgcatgta ctcgttcttc agaaacttcc agcccatgag ccggcaagtg

    21301 gttgacgata ctaaatacaa ggagtatcag caggttggaa ttcttcacca gcataacaac

    21361 tcaggattcg taggctacct cgctcccacc atgcgcgagg gacaggctta ccccgccaac

    21421 gtgccctacc cactaatagg caaaaccgcg gttgacagta ttacccagaa aaagtttctt

    21481 tgcgatcgca ccctttggcg catcccattc tccagtaact ttatgtccat gggcgcactc

    21541 acagacctgg gccaaaacct tctctacgcc aactccgccc acgcgctaga catgactttt

    21601 gaggtggatc ccatggacga gcccaccctt ctttatgttt tgtttgaagt ctttgacgtg

    21661 gtccgtgtgc accagccgca ccgcggcgtc atcgagaccg tgtacctgcg cacgcccttc

    21721 tcggccggca acgccacaac ataaaagaag caagcaacat caacaacagc tgccgccatg

    21781 ggctccagtg agcaggaact gaaagccatt gtcaaagatc ttggttgtgg gccatatttt

    21841 ttgggcacct atgacaagcg ctttccaggc tttgtttctc cacacaagct cgcctgcgcc

    21901 atagtcaata cggccggtcg cgagactggg ggcgtacact ggatggcctt tgcctggaac

    21961 ccgcgctcaa aaacatgcta cctctttgag ccctttggct tttctgacca acgactcaag

    22021 caggtttacc agtttgagta cgagtcactc ctgcgccgta gcgccattgc ttcttccccc

    22081 gaccgctgta taacgctgga aaagtccacc caaagcgtgc aggggcccaa ctcggccgcc

    22141 tgtggactat tctgctgcat gtttctccac gcctttgcca actggcccca aactcccatg

    22201 gatcacaacc ccaccatgaa ccttattacc ggggtaccca actccatgct taacagtccc

    22261 caggtacagc ccaccctgcg tcgcaaccag gaacagctct acagcttcct ggagcgccac

    22321 tcgccctact tccgcagcca cagtgcgcag attaggagcg ccacttcttt ttgtcacttg

    22381 aaaaacatgt aaaaataatg tactaggaga cactttcaat aaaggcaaat gtttttattt

    22441 gtacactctc gggtgattat ttacccccca cccttgccgt ctgcgccgtt taaaaatcaa

    22501 aggggttctg ccgcgcatcg ctatgcgcca ctggcaggga cacgttgcga tactggtgtt

    22561 tagtgctcca cttaaactca ggcacaacca tccgcggcag ctcggtgaag ttttcactcc

    22621 acaggctgcg caccatcacc aacgcgttta gcaggtcggg cgccgatatc ttgaagtcgc

    22681 agttggggcc tccgccctgc gcgcgcgagt tgcgatacac agggttgcag cactggaaca

    22741 ctatcagcgc cgggtggtgc acgctggcca gcacgctctt gtcggagatc agatccgcgt

    22801 ccaggtcctc cgcgttgctc agggcgaacg gagtcaactt tggtagctgc cttcccaaaa

    22861 agggtgcatg cccaggcttt gagttgcact cgcaccgtag tggcatcaga aggtgaccgt

    22921 gcccggtctg ggcgttagga tacagcgcct gcatgaaagc cttgatctgc ttaaaagcca

    22981 cctgagcctt tgcgccttca gagaagaaca tgccgcaaga cttgccggaa aactgattgg

    23041 ccggacaggc cgcgtcatgc acgcagcacc ttgcgtcggt gttggagatc tgcaccacat

    23101 ttcggcccca ccggttcttc acgatcttgg ccttgctaga ctgctccttc agcgcgcgct

    23161 gcccgttttc gctcgtcaca tccatttcaa tcacgtgctc cttatttatc ataatgctcc

    23221 cgtgtagaca cttaagctcg ccttcgatct cagcgcagcg gtgcagccac aacgcgcagc

    23281 ccgtgggctc gtggtgcttg taggttacct ctgcaaacga ctgcaggtac gcctgcagga

    23341 atcgccccat catcgtcaca aaggtcttgt tgctggtgaa ggtcagctgc aacccgcggt

    23401 gctcctcgtt tagccaggtc ttgcatacgg ccgccagagc ttccacttgg tcaggcagta

    23461 gcttgaagtt tgcctttaga tcgttatcca cgtggtactt gtccatcaac gcgcgcgcag

    23521 cctccatgcc cttctcccac gcagacacga tcggcaggct cagcgggttt atcaccgtgc

    23581 tttcactttc cgcttcactg gactcttcct tttcctcttg cgtccgcata ccccgcgcca

    23641 ctgggtcgtc ttcattcagc cgccgcaccg tgcgcttacc tcccttgccg tgcttgatta

    23701 gcaccggtgg gttgctgaaa cccaccattt gtagcgccac atcttctctt tcttcctcgc

    23761 tgtccacgat cacctctggg gatggcgggc gctcgggctt gggagagggg cgcttctttt

    23821 tctttttgga cgcaatggcc aaatccgccg tcgaggtcga tggccgcggg ctgggtgtgc

    23881 gcggcaccag cgcatcttgt gacgagtctt cttcgtcctc ggactcgaga cgccgcctca

    23941 gccgcttttt tgggggcgcg cggggaggcg gcggcgacgg cgacggggac gacacgtcct

    24001 ccatggttgg tggacgtcgc gccgcaccgc gtccgcgctc gggggtggtt tcgcgctgct

    24061 cctcttcccg actggccatt tccttctcct ataggcagaa aaagatcatg gagtcagtcg

    24121 agaaggagga cagcctaacc gccccctttg agttcgccac caccgcctcc accgatgccg

    24181 ccaacgcgcc taccaccttc cccgtcgagg cacccccgct tgaggaggag gaagtgatta

    24241 tcgagcagga cccaggtttt gtaagcgaag acgacgagga tcgctcagta ccaacagagg

    24301 ataaaaagca agaccaggac gacgcagagg caaacgagga acaagtcggg cggggggacc

    24361 aaaggcatgg cgactaccta gatgtgggag acgacgtgct gttgaagcat ctgcagcgcc

    24421 agtgcgccat tatctgcgac gcgttgcaag agcgcagcga tgtgcccctc gccatagcgg

    24481 atgtcagcct tgcctacgaa cgccacctgt tctcaccgcg cgtacccccc aaacgccaag

    24541 aaaacggcac atgcgagccc aacccgcgcc tcaacttcta ccccgtattt gccgtgccag

    24601 aggtgcttgc cacctatcac atctttttcc aaaactgcaa gataccccta tcctgccgtg

    24661 ccaaccgcag ccgagcggac aagcagctgg ccttgcggca gggcgctgtc atacctgata

    24721 tcgcctcgct cgacgaagtg ccaaaaatct ttgagggtct tggacgcgac gagaaacgcg

    24781 cggcaaacgc tctgcaacaa gaaaacagcg aaaatgaaag tcactgtgga gtgctggtgg

    24841 aacttgaggg tgacaacgcg cgcctagccg tgctgaaacg cagcatcgag gtcacccact

    24901 ttgcctaccc ggcacttaac ctacccccca aggttatgag cacagtcatg agcgagctga

    24961 tcgtgcgccg tgcacgaccc ctggagaggg atgcaaactt gcaagaacaa accgaggagg

    25021 gcctacccgc agttggcgat gagcagctgg cgcgctggct tgagacgcgc gagcctgccg

    25081 acttggagga gcgacgcaag ctaatgatgg ccgcagtgct tgttaccgtg gagcttgagt

    25141 gcatgcagcg gttctttgct gacccggaga tgcagcgcaa gctagaggaa acgttgcact

    25201 acacctttcg ccagggctac gtgcgccagg cctgcaaaat ttccaacgtg gagctctgca

    25261 acctggtctc ctaccttgga attttgcacg aaaaccgcct cgggcaaaac gtgcttcatt

    25321 ccacgctcaa gggcgaggcg cgccgcgact acgtccgcga ctgcgtttac ttatttctgt

    25381 gctacacctg gcaaacggcc atgggcgtgt ggcagcaatg cctggaggag cgcaacctaa

    25441 aggagctgca gaagctgcta aagcaaaact tgaaggacct atggacggcc ttcaacgagc

    25501 gctccgtggc cgcgcacctg gcggacatta tcttccccga acgcctgctt aaaaccctgc

    25561 aacagggtct gccagacttc accagtcaaa gcatgttgca aaactttagg aactttatcc

    25621 tagagcgttc aggaattctg cccgccacct gctgtgcgct tcctagcgac tttgtgccca

    25681 ttaagtaccg tgaatgccct ccgccgcttt ggggtcactg ctaccttctg cagctagcca

    25741 actaccttgc ctaccactcc gacatcatgg aagacgtgag cggtgacggc ctactggagt

    25801 gtcactgtcg ctgcaaccta tgcaccccgc accgctccct ggtctgcaat tcgcaactgc

    25861 ttagcgaaag tcaaattatc ggtacctttg agctgcaggg tccctcgcct gacgaaaagt

    25921 ccgcggctcc ggggttgaaa ctcactccgg ggctgtggac gtcggcttac cttcgcaaat

    25981 ttgtacctga ggactaccac gcccacgaga ttaggttcta cgaagaccaa tcccgcccgc

    26041 caaatgcgga gcttaccgcc tgcgtcatta cccagggcca catccttggc caattgcaag

    26101 ccatcaacaa agcccgccaa gagtttctgc tacgaaaggg acggggggtt tacctggacc

    26161 cccagtccgg cgaggagctc aacccaatcc ccccgccgcc gcagccctat cagcagccgc

    26221 gggcccttgc ttcccaggat ggcacccaaa aagaagctgc agctgccgcc gccgccaccc

    26281 acggacgagg aggaatactg ggacagtcag gcagaggagg ttttggacga ggaggaggag

    26341 atgatggaag actgggacag cctagacgaa gcttccgagg ccgaagaggt gtcagacgaa

    26401 acaccgtcac cctcggtcgc attcccctcg ccggcgcccc agaaattggc aaccgttccc

    26461 agcatcgcta caacctccgc tcctcaggcg ccgccggcac tgcctgttcg ccgacccaac

    26521 cgtagatggg acaccactgg aaccagggcc ggtaagtcta agcagccgcc gccgttagcc

    26581 caagagcaac aacagcgcca aggctaccgc tcgtggcgcg ggcacaagaa cgccatagtt

    26641 gcttgcttgc aagactgtgg gggcaacatc tccttcgccc gccgctttct tctctaccat

    26701 cacggcgtgg ccttcccccg taacatcctg cattactacc gtcatctcta cagcccctac

    26761 tgcaccggcg gcagcggcag cggcagcaac agcagcggtc acacagaagc aaaggcgacc

    26821 ggatagcaag actctgacaa agcccaagaa atccacagcg gcggcagcag caggaggagg

    26881 agcgctgcgt ctggcgccca acgaacccgt atcgacccgc gagcttagaa ataggatttt

    26941 tcccactctg tatgctatat ttcaacaaag caggggccaa gaacaagagc tgaaaataaa

    27001 aaacaggtct ctgcgctccc tcacccgcag ctgcctgtat cacaaaagcg aagatcagct

    27061 tcggcgcacg ctggaagacg cggaggctct cttcagcaaa tactgcgcgc tgactcttaa

    27121 ggactagttt cgcgcccttt ctcaaattta agcgcgaaaa ctacgtcatc tccagcggcc

    27181 acacccggcg ccagcacctg tcgtcagcgc cattatgagc aaggaaattc ccacgcccta

    27241 catgtggagt taccagccac aaatgggact tgcggctgga gctgcccaag actactcaac

    27301 ccgaataaac tacatgagcg cgggacccca catgatatcc cgggtcaacg gaatccgcgc

    27361 ccaccgaaac cgaattctcc tcgaacaggc ggctattacc accacacctc gtaataacct

    27421 taatccccgt agttggcccg ctgccctggt gtaccaggaa agtcccgctc ccaccactgt

    27481 ggtacttccc agagacgccc aggccgaagt tcagatgact aactcagggg cgcagcttgc

    27541 gggcggcttt cgtcacaggg tgcggtcgcc cgggcagggt ataactcacc tgaaaatcag

    27601 agggcgaggt attcagctca acgacgagtc ggtgagctcc tctcttggtc tccgtccgga

    27661 cgggacattt cagatcggcg gcgctggccg ctcttcattt acgccccgtc aggcgatcct

    27721 aactctgcag acctcgtcct cggagccgcg ctccggaggc attggaactc tacaatttat

    27781 tgaggagttc gtgccttcgg tttacttcaa ccccttttct ggacctcccg gccactaccc

    27841 ggaccagttt attcccaact ttgacgcggt gaaagactcg gcggacggct acgactgaat

    27901 gaccagtgga gaggcagagc gactgcgcct gacacacctc gaccactgcc gccgccacaa

    27961 gtgctttgcc cgcggctccg gtgagttttg ttactttgaa ttgcccgaag agcatatcga

    28021 gggcccggcg cacggcgtcc ggctcaccac ccaggtagag cttacacgta gcctgattcg

    28081 ggagtttacc aagcgccccc tgctagtgga gcgggagcgg ggtccctgtg ttctgaccgt

    28141 ggtttgcaac tgtcctaacc ctggattaca tcaagatctt tgttgtcatc tctgtgctga

    28201 gtataataaa tacagaaatt agaatctact ggggctcctg tcgccatcct gtgaacgcca

    28261 ccgtttttac ccacccaaag cagaccaaag caaacctcac ctccggtttg cacaagcggg

    28321 ccaataagta ccttacctgg tactttaacg gctcttcatt tgtaatttac aacagtttcc

    28381 agcgagacga agtaagtttg ccacacaacc ttctcggctt caactacacc gtcaagaaaa

    28441 acaccaccac caccaccctc ctcacctgcc gggaacgtac gagtgcgtca ccggttgctg

    28501 cgcccacacc tacagcctga gcgtaaccag acattactcc catttttcca aaacaggagg

    28561 tgagctcaac tcccggaact caggtcaaaa aagcattttg cggggtgctg ggatttttta

    28621 attaagtata tgagcaattc aagtaactct acaagcttgt ctaatttttc tggaattggg

    28681 gtcggggtta tccttactct tgtaattctg tttattctta tactagcact tctgtgcctt

    28741 agggttgccg cctgctgcac gcacgtttgt acctattgtc agctttttaa acgctggggg

    28801 caacatccaa gatgaggtac atgattttag gcttgctcgc ccttgcggca gtctgcagcg

    28861 ctgccaaaaa ggttgagttt aaggaaccag cttgcaatgt tacatttaaa tcagaagcta

    28921 atgaatgcac tactcttata aaatgcacca cagaacatga aaagcttatt attcgccaca

    28981 aagacaaaat tggcaagtat gctgtatatg ctatttggca gccaggtgac actaacgact

    29041 ataatgtcac agtcttccaa ggtgaaaatc gtaaaacttt tatgtataaa tttccatttt

    29101 atgaaatgtg cgatattacc atgtacatga gcaaacagta caagttgtgg cccccacaaa

    29161 agtgtttaga gaacactggc accttttgtt ccaccgctct gcttattaca gcgcttgctt

    29221 tggtatgtac cttactttat ctcaaataca aaagcagacg cagttttatt gatgaaaaga

    29281 aaatgccttg attttccgct tgcttgtatt cccctggaca atttactcta tgtgggatat

    29341 gctccaggcg ggcaagatta tacccacaac cttcaaatca aactttcctg gacgttagcg

    29401 cctgatttct gccagcgcct gcactgcaaa tttgatcaaa cccagcttca gcttgcctgc

    29461 tccagagatg accggctcaa ccatcgcgcc cacaacggac tatcgcaaca ccactgctac

    29521 cggactaaca tctgccctaa atttacccca agttcatgcc tttgtcaatg actgggcgag

    29581 cttggacatg tggtggtttt ccatagcgct tatgtttgtt tgccttatta ttatgtggct

    29641 tatttgttgc ctaaagcgca gacgcgccag accccccatc tataggccta tcattgtgct

    29701 caacccacac aatgaaaaaa ttcatagatt ggacggtctg aaaccatgtt ctcttctttt

    29761 acagtatgat taaatgagac atgattcctc gagttcttat attattgacc cttgttgcgc

    29821 ttttctgtgc gtgctctaca ttggccgcgg tcgctcacat cgaagtagat tgcatcccac

    29881 ctttcacagt ttacctgctt tacggatttg tcacccttat cctcatctgc agcctcgtca

    29941 ctgtagtcat cgccttcatt cagttcattg actgggtttg tgtgcgcatt gcgtacctca

    30001 ggcaccatcc gcaatacaga gacaggacta tagctgatct tctcagaatt ctttaattat

    30061 gaaacggagt gtcatttttg ttttgctgat tttttgcgcc ctacctgtgc tttgctccca

    30121 aacctcagcg cctcccaaaa gacatatttc ctgcagattc actcaaatat ggaacattcc

    30181 cagctgctac aacaaacaga gcgatttgtc agaagcctgg ttatacgcca tcatctctgt

    30241 catggttttt tgcagtacca tttttgccct agccatatat ccataccttg acattggctg

    30301 gaatgccata gatgccatga accaccctac tttcccagtg cccgctgtca taccactgca

    30361 acaggttatt gccccaatca atcagcctcg ccccccttct cccaccccca ctgagattag

    30421 ctactttaat ttgacaggtg gagatgactg aatctctaga tctagaattg gatggaatta

    30481 acaccgaaca gcgcctacta gaaaggcgca aggcggcgtc cgagcgagaa cgcctaaaac

    30541 aagaagttga agacatggtt aacctacacc agtgtaaaag aggtatcttt tgtgtggtca

    30601 agcaggccaa acttacctac gaaaaaacca ctaccggcaa ccgcctcagc tacaagctac

    30661 ccacccagcg ccaaaaactg gtgcttatgg tgggagaaaa acctatcacc gtcacccagc

    30721 actcggcaga aacagagggc tgcctgcact tcccctatca gggtccagag gacctctgca

    30781 ctcttattaa aaccatgtgt ggtattagag atcttattcc attcaactaa cataaacaca

    30841 caataaatta cttacttaaa atcagtcagc aaatctttgt ccagcttatt cagcatcacc

    30901 tcctttcctt cctcccaact ctggtatctc agccgccttt tagctgcaaa ctttctccaa

    30961 agtttaaatg ggatgtcaaa ttcctcatgt tcttgtccct ccgcacccac tatcttcata

    31021 ttgttgcaga tgaaacgcgc cagaccgtct gaagacacct tcaaccccgt gtatccatat

    31081 gacacagaaa ccgggcctcc aactgtgccc tttcttaccc ctccatttgt ttcacccaat

    31141 ggtttccaag aaagtccccc tggagttctc tctctacgcg tctccgaacc tttggacacc

    31201 tcccacggca tgcttgcgct taaaatgggc agcggtctta ccctagacaa ggccggaaac

    31261 ctcacctccc aaaatgtaac cactgttact cagccactta aaaaaacaaa gtcaaacata

    31321 agtttggaca cctccgcacc acttacaatt acctcaggcg ccctaacagt ggcaaccacc

    31381 gctcctctga tagttactag cggcgctctt agcgtacagt cacaagcccc actgaccgtg

    31441 caagactcca aactaagcat tgctactaaa gggcccatta cagtgtcaga tggaaagcta

    31501 gccctgcaaa catcagcccc cctctctggc agtgacagcg acacccttac tgtaactgca

    31561 tcacccccgc taactactgc cacgggtagc ttgggcatta acatggaaga tcctatttat

    31621 gtaaataatg gaaaaatagg aattaaaata agcggtcctt tgcaagtagc acaaaactcc

    31681 gatacactaa cagtagttac tggaccaggt gtcaccgttg aacaaaactc ccttagaacc

    31741 aaagttgcag gagctattgg ttatgattca tcaaacaaca tggaaattaa aacgggcggt

    31801 ggcatgcgta taaataacaa cttgttaatt ctagatgtgg attacccatt tgatgctcaa

    31861 acaaaactac gtcttaaact ggggcaggga cccctgtata ttaatgcatc tcataacttg

    31921 gacataaact ataacagagg cctatacctt tttaatgcat caaacaatac taaaaaactg

    31981 gaagttagca taaaaaaatc cagtggacta aactttgata atactgccat agctataaat

    32041 gcaggaaagg gtctggagtt tgatacaaac acatctgagt ctccagatat caacccaata

    32101 aaaactaaaa ttggctctgg cattgattac aatgaaaacg gtgccatgat tactaaactt

    32161 ggagcgggtt taagctttga caactcaggg gccattacaa taggaaacaa aaatgatgac

    32221 aaacttaccc tgtggacaac cccagaccca tctcctaact gcagaattca ttcagataat

    32281 gactgcaaat ttactttggt tcttacaaaa tgtgggagtc aagtactagc tactgtagct

    32341 gctttggctg tatctggaga tctttcatcc atgacaggca ccgttgcaag tgttagtata

    32401 ttccttagat ttgaccaaaa cggtgttcta atggagaact cctcacttaa aaaacattac

    32461 tggaacttta gaaatgggaa ctcaactaat gcaaatccat acacaaatgc agttggattt

    32521 atgcctaacc ttctagccta tccaaaaacc caaagtcaaa ctgctaaaaa taacattgtc

    32581 agtcaagttt acttgcatgg tgataaaact aaacctatga tacttaccat tacacttaat

    32641 ggcactagtg aatccacaga aactagcgag gtaagcactt actctatgtc ttttacatgg

    32701 tcctgggaaa gtggaaaata caccactgaa acttttgcta ccaactctta caccttctcc

    32761 tacattgccc aggaataaag aatcgtgaac ctgttgcatg ttatgtttca acgtgtttat

    32821 ttttcaattg cagaaaattt caagtcattt ttcattcagt agtatagccc caccaccaca

    32881 tagcttatat tgatcaccgt accttaatca aactcacaga accctagtat tcaacctgcc

    32941 acctccctcc caacacacag agtacacagt cctttctccc cggctggcct taaaaagcat

    33001 catatcatgg gtaacagaca tattcttagg tgttatattc cacacggttt cctgtcgagc

    33061 caaacgctca tcagtgatat taataaactc cccgggcagc tcgcttaagt tcatgtcgct

    33121 gtccagctgc tgagccacag gctgctgtcc aacttgcggt tgctcaacgg gcggcgaagg

    33181 ggaagtccac gcctacatgg gggtagagtc ataatcgtgc atcaggatag ggcggtggtg

    33241 ctgcagcagc gcgcgaataa actgctgccg ccgccgctcc gtcctgcagg aatacaacat

    33301 ggcagtggtc tcctcagcga tgattcgcac cgcccgcagc atgagacgcc ttgtcctccg

    33361 ggcacagcag cgcaccctga tctcacttaa atcagcacag taactgcagc acagcaccac

    33421 aatattgttc aaaatcccac agtgcaaggc gctgtatcca aagctcatgg cggggaccac

    33481 agaacccacg tggccatcat accacaagcg caggtagatt aagtggcgac ccctcataaa

    33541 cacgctggac ataaacatta cctcttttgg catgttgtaa ttcaccacct cccggtacca

    33601 tataaacctc tgattaaaca tggcgccatc caccaccatc ctaaaccagc tggccaaaac

    33661 ctgcccgccg gctatgcact gcagggaacc gggactggaa caatgacagt ggagagccca

    33721 ggactcgtaa ccatggatca tcatgctcgt catgatatca atgttggcac aacacaggca

    33781 cacgtgcata cacttcctca ggattacaag ctcctcccgc gtcagaacca tatcccaggg

    33841 aacaacccat tcctgaatca gcgtaaatcc cacactgcag ggaagacctc gcacgtaact

    33901 cacgttgtgc attgtcaaag tgttacattc gggcagcagc ggatgatcct ccagtatggt

    33961 agcgcgggtc tctgtctcaa aaggaggtag gcgatcccta ctgtacggag tgcgccgaga

    34021 caaccgagat cgtgttggtc gtagtgtcat gccaaatgga acgccggacg tagtcatatt

    34081 tcctgaagca aaaccaggtg cgggcgtgac aaacagatct gcgtctccgg tctcgtcgct

    34141 tagctcgctc tgtgtagtag ttgtagtata tccactctct caaagcatcc aggcgccccc

    34201 tggcttcggg ttctatgtaa actccttcat gcgccgctgc cctgataaca tccaccaccg

    34261 cagaataagc cacacccagc caacctacac attcgttctg cgagtcacac acgggaggag

    34321 cgggaagagc tggaagaacc atgttttttt tttttttatt ccaaaagatt atccaaaacc

    34381 tcaaaatgaa gatctattaa gtgaacgcgc tcccctccgg tggcgtggtc aaactctaca

    34441 gccaaagaac agataatggc atttgtaaga tgttgcacaa tggcttccaa aaggcaaact

    34501 gccctcacgt ccaagtggac gtaaaggcta aacccttcag ggtgaatctc ctctataaac

    34561 attccagcac cttcaaccat gcccaaataa ttttcatctc gccaccttat caatatgtct

    34621 ctaagcaaat cccgaatatt aagtccggcc attgtaaaaa tctgctccag agcgccctcc

    34681 accttcagcc tcaagcagcg aatcatgatt gcaaaaattc aggttcctca cagacctgta

    34741 taagattcaa aagcggaaca ttaacaaaaa taccgcgatc ccgtaggtcc cttcgcaggg

    34801 ccagctgaac ataatcgtgc aggtctgcac ggaccagcgc ggccacttcc ccgccaggaa

    34861 ccatgacaaa agaacccaca ctgattatga cacgcatact cggagctatg ctaaccagcg

    34921 tagcccctat gtaagcttgt tgcatgggcg gcgatataaa atgcaaggtg ctgctcaaaa

    34981 aatcaggcaa agcctcgcgc aaaaaagcaa gcacatcgta gtcatgctca tgcagataaa

    35041 ggcaggtaag ttccggaacc accacagaaa aagacaccat ttttctctca aacatgtctg

    35101 cgggttcctg cattaaacac aaaataaaat aacaaaaaaa aacatttaaa cattagaagc

    35161 ctgtcttaca acaggaaaaa caacccttat aagcataaga cggactacgg ccatgccggc

    35221 gtgaccgtaa aaaaactggt caccgtgatt aaaaagcacc accgacagtt cctcggtcat

    35281 gtccggagtc ataatgtaag actcggtaaa cacatcaggt tggttaacat cggtcagtgc

    35341 taaaaagcga ccgaaatagc ccgggggaat acatacccgc aggcgtagag acaacattac

    35401 agcccccata ggaggtataa caaaattaat aggagagaaa aacacataaa cacctgaaaa

    35461 accctcctgc ctaggcaaaa tagcaccctc ccgctccaga acaacataca gcgcttccac

    35521 agcggcagcc ataacagtca gccttaccag taaaaaaacc tattaaaaaa caccactcga

    35581 cacggcacca gctcaatcag tcacagtgta aaaagggcca agtacagagc gagtatatat

    35641 aggactaaaa aatgacgtaa cggttaaagt ccacaaaaaa cacccagaaa accgcacgcg

    35701 aacctacgcc cagaaacgaa agccaaaaaa cccacaactt cctcaaatct tcacttccgt

    35761 tttcccacga tacgtcactt cccattttaa aaaaactaca attcccaata catgcaagtt

    35821 actccgccct aaaacctacg tcacccgccc cgttcccacg ccccgcgcca cgtcacaaac

    35881 tccaccccct cattatcata ttggcttcaa tccaaaataa ggtatattat gatgatg


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