LOCUS       X73487                   161 bp    DNA     linear   VRL 14-NOV-2006
DEFINITION  Adenovirus type 12 DNA, complete genome.
ACCESSION   X73487 REGION: 1..161
VERSION     X73487.1  GI:313361
KEYWORDS    complete genome; core protein; DNA polymerase; DNA-binding protein;
            endoprotease; fiber protein; hexon protein; large T-antigen;
            maturation protein; minor core protein; penton protein;
            peripentonal hexon-associated protein; promoter; repeat region;
            small t-antigen; transcriptional activation.
SOURCE      Human adenovirus 12
  ORGANISM  Human adenovirus 12
            Viruses; dsDNA viruses, no RNA stage; Adenoviridae; Mastadenovirus.
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  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (21-JUN-1993) J. Sprengel, Institute of Genetics/Dept.
            Virology, Weyertal 121, 50931 Cologne 41, FRG
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..161
                     /organism="Human adenovirus 12"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
     repeat_unit     1..161
                     /function="inverted terminal repeat"
     variation       6
     variation       8
     promoter        9..>161
                     /note="crossref Ad12 EPD30061 and EPD11197"
                     /function="E1a promoter region (-499 to +100)"
        1 cctatctaat aatatacctt atactggact agtgccaata ttaaaatgaa gtgggcgtag
       61 tgtgtaattt gattgggtgg aggtgtggct ttggcgtgct tgtaagtttg ggcggatgag
      121 gaagtggggc gcggcgtggg agccgggcgc gccggatgtg a