LOCUS       AC_000018                579 bp    DNA     linear   VRL 03-APR-2008
DEFINITION  Human adenovirus type 7, complete genome.
ACCESSION   AC_000018 REGION: 15797..16375
VERSION     AC_000018.1  GI:56160876
SOURCE      Human adenovirus 7
  ORGANISM  Human adenovirus 7
            Viruses; dsDNA viruses, no RNA stage; Adenoviridae; Mastadenovirus.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 579)
  AUTHORS   Kovacs,G.M., Davison,A.J., Zakhartchouk,A.N. and Harrach,B.
  TITLE     Analysis of the first complete genome sequence of an Old World
            monkey adenovirus reveals a lineage distinct from the six human
            adenovirus species
  JOURNAL   J. Gen. Virol. 85 (Pt 10), 2799-2807 (2004)
   PUBMED   15448340
REFERENCE   2  (bases 1 to 579)
  AUTHORS   Kovacs,G.M. and Davison,A.J.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (15-APR-2004) MRC Virology Unit, Church Street, Glasgow
            G11 5JR, UK
COMMENT     INFERRED REFSEQ: This record is predicted by genome sequence
            analysis and is not yet supported by experimental evidence. The
            reference sequence was derived from BK005235.
            On Oct 3, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:52788638.
            This record represents an alternative annotation for AY495969. It
            is included in the NCBI RefSeq collection as an alternative to the
            reference sequence NC_004001.
            COMPLETENESS: full length.
            1-35514             AY495969.1         1-35514
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..579
                     /organism="Human adenovirus 7"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /note="Human adenovirus B"
     CDS             1..579
        1 atgtccattc tcatctcgcc cagtaataat accggttggg gactgtatgc gcccaccaag
       61 atgtatggag gcgcccgcaa acgctctacc cagcaccctg tgcgcgttcg cggtcatttc
      121 cgcgctccct ggggcgcact caagggtcgt acccgcactc ggaccacggt cgatgatgtg
      181 atcgaccagg tggtcgccga tgctcgtaat tatactccta ctgcgcctac atctactgtg
      241 gatgcagtta ttgacagtgt ggtggcagac gcccgcgcct atgctcgccg gaagagccga
      301 aggaggcgca tcgccaggcg ccacagggct actcccgcca tgcgagctgc aaaagctatt
      361 ctgcggaggg ccaaacgtgt ggggcgaaga gccatgctta gagcggccag acgcgcggct
      421 tcaggtgcca gcagcggcag gtcccgcagg cgcgcggcca cggcggcagc agcggccatt
      481 gccaacatgg cccaaccgcg aagaggcaat gtgtactggg tgcgtgatgc cactaccggc
      541 cagcgcgtgc ccgtgcgcac tcgcccccct cgcacttag