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Bioinformatics Colloquium: Fall 2008 Schedule

The Colloquium meets on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm in room 249 of Bull Run Hall, on the Prince William Campus unless otherwise specified. Click here for directions.

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Aug 26

Dr. Jeff Solka, George Mason University

Sep 02

Multi-Domain Data Analysis    slides
Dr. Jason Kinser, George Mason University

Sep 09

Dr. Ron Kostoff, Mitre

Sep 16

Exploring mechanisms of the DNA-damage response by computational study: p53 pulses and their possible relevance to apoptosis    slides
Dr. Paul Brazhnik, Virginia Tech

Sep 23

Molecular Information Processing in the Brain
Dr. Lukas Tamm, University of Virginia

Sep 30

Protein Structure and Function Prediction Using Kernel Methods
Dr. Huzefa Rangwala, George Mason University

Oct 07

From Atoms to Molecules to Machines: Computing Protein Motion to Elucidate Function
Dr. Amarda Shehu, George Mason University

Oct 14

No Meeting, Columbus Day Break

Oct 21

CisGenome: an integrated system for analyzing ChIP-chip and ChIP-seq data
Dr. Hongkai Ji, Johns Hopkins

Oct 28

Human identification using information from the mtDNA genome   slides
Dr. Mark Wilson, Western Carolina State University

Nov 04

Engineering Proteins for Enhanced Activity   slides
Dr. Steven Fairchild, Mitre

Nov 11

Biological Pathway and Network Analysis for Functional Interpretation of Large-Scale Omics Data
Dr. Zhang-Zhi Hu, Georgetown

Nov 18

Hidden Markov Models for the Assessment of Chromosomal Alterations using High-throughput SNP Arrays
Dr. Ingo Ruczinski, Johns Hopkins

Nov 25

Efficient Analysis of Associations between Haplotypes and Quantitative Traits in Family Studies
Dr. Guoqing Diao, George Mason University

Dec 02

Student Research Day
Graduate Students

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