BINF 701/BIOL 701 – Systems Biology

Course Time: Tuesdays, 1:30-4:10 pm
Course Location : Room 304B Colgan Hall, Science and Technology Campus
Instructor : Saleet Jafri, 703-993-8420,
Office Hours : By appointment in Krasnow Institute Room 234 or on Tuesday s in Colgan Hall Room 328G
Course Web Page :
Prerequisites: Prerequisite: Admission to the Ph.D. program in biosciences or bioinformatics, CHEM 663 or equivalent.

A First Course in Systems Biology (2nd Ed.) by Eberhard O. Voit.

Course Description:
Introduction to systems biology with an emphasis on approaches currently employed and the types of scientific questions studied.

Grading Policy:
The course grade will be determined as follows:
Mid-Term Project - 30%
Final Exam - 40%
Final Project - 30%

90-100    A
80-89.9    B
70-79.9    C
<70      F

Students are expected to do the weekly assigned reading before class. Students are expected to do the assigned problem sets. Students are expected to attend lecture and participate in class. Students are expected to take initiative and read references referred to in lecture.       80-89.9    C

Academic Honesty Policy:
Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. This includes cheating, plagiarism, and falsification of academic records. That being said, you can help each other out on the homework (this does not mean that you can copy each other's homework).

Important Dates :
Tuesday, August 28 - First Day of Class
Tuesday, October 8 - No class due to Fall Recess
Tuesday, October 23 - Mid-Term Project Due (no class)
Tuesday, November 26 - No class Thanksgiving Break
Tuesday, December 4 - Projects Due - Last Day of Class, Final Exams distributed
Tuesday, December 18 - Take home Final Exam due at 1:30

Course Schedule

Tuesday, August 28 - Chapter 1-2
Tuesday, September 4 - Chapter 3
Tuesday, September 11 - Chapter 4
Tuesday, February 18 - Chapter 5
Tuesday, October 2- Chapter 6
Tuesday, October 9 - No class due to Fall Break
Tuesday, October 16 - Chapter 7
Tuesday, October 23 - Chapter 8
Tuesday, October 30 - Chapter 9
Tuesday, November 6 - Chapter 10
Tuesday, November 13 - Chapter 11
Tuesday, November 20 - Chapter 12
Tuesday, November 27 - Chapter 14
Tuesday, December 4 - Chapter 15
Tuesday, December 18 - Final Exam 1:30-4:10

Sage Advice: If you want to do well in course: 1) Do all the problem sets. 2) Read the text book and any other assigned reading. 3) Ask questions in class and office hours. 3) If you are having difficulty doing the problem sets, be sure to get help.  I encourage the students discussing the course material and problems, but require everyone to do the work - NO COPYING.

Saleet Jafri
Tuesday September 2, 2014