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Publications in 2002

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Blackwell K.T. (2002). Calcium waves and closure of leak potassium currents caused by GABA stimulation of the type B photoreceptor of Hermissenda crassicornis. J. Neurophysiol. 87: 776-792.

Blackwell K.T. (2002). The effect of intensity and duration on the light induced sodium and potassium currents in the Hermissenda type B photoreceptor. J. Neuroscience.22:4217-4228.

Blackwell K.T., Kotaleski J.H. (2002). Modeling the dynamics of second messenger pathways. In Neuroscience Databases: A Practical Guide, Ed. R. Kotter. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Norwell, MA. (in press)

Guatimosim S., Dilly K.W., Santana F., Jafri M.S., Sobie E.A., Lederer W. J. (2002). Local Ca2+ signaling and EC coupling in heart: Ca2+ sparks and the regulation of the [Ca2+] transient. J. Mol. Cell. Cardiol. 34:941-950.

Kinser J.M. (2002). Pulse image processing. Recent Res. Dev. Pattern Recognition 3(2002):321-352, Transworld Scientific.

Kotaleski J.H., Blackwell K.T. (2002). Organization of Synaptic Inputs to Striat al Fast Spiking Interneurons. Soc. Neurosci Abs. 28:

Kotaleski J.H., Blackwell K.T . (2002). Sensitivity to interstimulus interval due to calcium interactions in the Purkinje cell spines. Neurocomputing, in press.

Kotaleski J.H., Lester D., Blackwell K.T. (2002). Subcellular interactions between parallel fibre and climbing fibre signals in Purkinje cells predict sensitivity of classical conditioning to interstimulus interval. Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science, in press.

Litchfield CD, Gillevet PM (2002). Microbial diversity and complexity in hypersaline environments: a preliminary assessment. J Ind Microbiol Biotechnol. 2002 Jan;28(1):48-55. PMID: 11938471

Lindskog M., Blackwell K.T., Kotaleski J.H. (2002). A kinetic model of DARPP-32 and the PKA/PP1 cascade. Soc. Neurosci Abs. 28:

Mo J.L., Blackwell K.T. (2002). Similarities and differences in the light response and AHP of type A and type B photoreceptors in Hermissenda. Soc. Neurosci. Abs. 28: 376.2

Sobie E.A., Dilly K.W., Cruz J.d.S., Lederer W. J., Jafri M.S. (2002) Termination of cardiac of Ca2+ sparks: an investigative mathematical model of calcium-induced calcium release. Biophys. J. 83:59-78.

Zafar N., Mazumder R., Seto D. (2002). Application of global computational tools GeneOrder and CoreGenes to comparative analyses of chordopoxvirus genomes. Proceedings of the Sixth Joint Conference on Information Sciences (Fourth Conference on Computational Biology and Genome Informatics). H. J. Caulfield, et. al., eds. 1186-1192. ALSO in press @ Information Sciences (5/23/02).

Zafar N., Mazumder R., Seto D. (2002). CoreGenes: A computational tool for identifying and cataloging "core" genes in a set of small genomes. BMC Bioinformatics 3:12.

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