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Publications in 2003

Note: Faculty authors are listed in bold font. Student authors are listed in italics.
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Ascoli GA (2003): Passive dendritic integration heavily affects spiking dynamics of recurrent networks. Neural Netw 16, 657-663.

Ascoli GA, De Schutter E, and Kennedy DN (2003): An information science infrastructure for neuroscience. Neuroinformatics 1, 1-2.

Barenboim M, Guo Y, and Jamison DC (2003): A Laboratory Information Management System. Biophysics, 90-96.

Blackwell KT, Czubayko U, and Plenz D (2003): Quantitative estimate of synaptic inputs to striatal neurons during up and down states in vitro. J Neurosci 23, 9123-9132.

Bostick D, and Vaisman II (2003): A new topological method to measure protein structure similarity. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 304, 320-325.

Mao C, Cushman JC, May GD, and Weller JW (2003): ESTAP--an automated system for the analysis of EST data. Bioinformatics 19, 1720-1722.

Masso M (2003): DC-SIGN points the way to a novel mechanism for HIV-1 transmission. MedGenMed 5, 2.

Masso M, and Vaisman, II (2003): Comprehensive mutagenesis of HIV-1 protease: a computational geometry approach. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 305, 322-326.

Mills DK, Fitzgerald K, Litchfield CD, and Gillevet PM (2003): A comparison of DNA profiling techniques for monitoring nutrient impact on microbial community composition during bioremediation of petroleum-contaminated soils. J Microbiol Methods 54, 57-74.

Min W, Lillehoj HS, Kim S, Zhu JJ, Beard H, Alkharouf N, and Matthews BF (2003): Profiling local gene expression changes associated with Eimeria maxima and Eimeria acervulina using cDNA microarray. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 62, 392-399.

Mo JL, and Blackwell KT (2003): Comparison of Hermissenda type a and type B photoreceptors: response to light as a function of intensity and duration. J Neurosci 23, 8020-8028.

Morimoto M, Zarlenga D, Beard H, Alkharouf N, Matthews BF, and Urban JF, Jr. (2003): Ascaris suum: cDNA microarray analysis of 4th stage larvae (L4) during self-cure from the intestine. Exp Parasitol 104, 113-121.

Peglar MT, Amaral Zettler LA, Anderson OR, Nerad TA, Gillevet PM, Mullen TE, Frasca S, Jr., Silberman JD, O'Kelly CJ, and Sogin ML (2003): Two new small-subunit ribosomal RNA gene lineages within the subclass gymnamoebia. J Eukaryot Microbiol 50, 224-232.

Tang JS, and Gillevet PM (2003): Reclassification of ATCC 9341 from Micrococcus luteus to Kocuria rhizophila. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 53, 995-997.

Tropsha A, Carter CW, Jr., Cammer S, and Vaisman, II (2003): Simplicial neighborhood analysis of protein packing (SNAPP): a computational geometry approach to studying proteins. Methods Enzymol 374, 509-544.

Zhu YL, Song QJ, Hyten DL, Van Tassell CP, Matukumalli LK, Grimm DR, Hyatt SM, Fickus EW, Young ND, and Cregan PB (2003): Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in soybean. Genetics 163, 1123-1134.

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