George Mason University
School of Computational Sciences

Bioinformatics Colloquium

The Colloquium meets on Tuesdays, at 4:30 pm in the Auditorium, Building PWII.
Directions to Prince William Campus.

Fall 2001 Schedule
Sep 4 Iosif Vaisman, Ph.D.
George Mason University
Computational Geometry of Protein Structure
Sep 11
Stephen Bryant, Ph.D.
National Center for Biotechnology Information, NIH
A conserved domain database
Sep 18 John Grefenstette, Ph.D. 
George Mason University and Parabon Computation, Inc. 
Comparing Algorithms for Large-Scale Sequence Analysis 
Sep 25 Boris Veytsman, Ph.D.
ITT Industries and Pennsylvania State University
Hydrogen Bonds and Thermodynamics of Complex Liquids
Oct 2 Cathy Wu, Ph.D.
National Biomedical Research Foundation and Georgetown University
PIR and iProClass for functional genomics/proteomics
Oct 9 Columbus Day Recess (no seminar)
Oct 16 Don Seto, Ph.D.
George Mason University
High Throughput DNA Sequencing Technology: Recent Applications to
Computational Virology
Oct 23 John G. Pierce
George Mason University
Report on the Gordon Conference on Bioinformatics
Oct 30 Devarajan Thirumalai, Ph.D.
University of Maryland
Plasticity of helices in prion proteins: Structural and sequence analysis
Nov 6 Thomas Schneider, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute, NIH
Flippers, Flappers and Flip-Flops in DNA Binding
Nov 13 Javed Khan, Ph.D.
National Cancer Institute and National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH
The Challenge of Gene Expression Profiling using DNA Microarrays
Nov 20 Jason Kinser, D.Sc.
George Mason University
Biometrics: Multiple Methods of Human Identification
Nov 28
JC-Stat Seminar
Francoise Seillier-Moiseiwitsch 
Department of Biostatistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Bioinformatics for HIV Genomics
Nov 29 Avia Rosenhouse-Dantsker, Ph.D. 
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
What a difference water makes...
or: On the route of a ligand to its binding site in a receptor
Dec 3 Anton Nekrutenko, Ph.D. 
University of Chicago
Genomic Landscape of Eukaryotes
Dec 4 Keith McKenney, Ph.D.
George Mason University
Molecular Genetic Analysis of Ancient and Modern People
Dec 6 Neeti Sinha, D.Phil. 
National Cancer Institute, NIH
Protein Flexibilities: Implications for Folding, Binding and Function
Dec 13 Christian Forst, Ph.D. 
Los Alamos National Laboratory
A Network Genomics Approach for the Analysis of Biological Systems

The Bioinformatics Colloquium series can be taken for credit by the George Mason University graduate students.
The course number CSI 898 Sec 003.

Colloquium coordinator Iosif Vaisman (