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Bioinformatics Colloquium
Fall 2005 Schedule

The Colloquium meets on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm in the Verizon Auditorium in the Occoquan Building, on the Prince William Campus. Refreshments are served at 4:00 pm. Click here for directions.

Click on the title of the talk to access the abstract.

Sep 6

Living Fossils and Long Branches: Use of molecular data to infer the origins, phylogeny, ecology and biogeography of deep-sea snails
Dr. Jerry Harasewych , The National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution

Sep 13

Interdisciplinary data and knowledge integration
Dr. Olga Brazhnik, NIH

Sep 20

High Resolution SNP Arrays, Looking beyond Haplotypes
Jean C. Zenklusen, M.S., Ph.D, NIH

Oct 4

Monitoring Gene Expression Profiles during Cold Acclimation in Blueberry under Field and Cold Room Conditions Using EST Libraries and cDNA Microarrays
Dr. Jeannie Rowland, USDA/ARS

Oct 18

Comparative genomics of malaria parasites
Jane M. Carlton, Ph.D., TIGR

Oct 25

Setting the Pace in the Next Generation of Drug Discovery
Meena Augustus, Ph.D., Avalon Pharmaceuticals

Nov 1

A Computational Study of Calcium Sparks in Cardiac Cell
Hena Ramay, GMU

Nov 8

A Functional Proteomics of Homoserine Acylation
Dr. Tim Born, GMU

Nov 29

Dynamics of unbinding of cell adhesion molecules:
Dr. Valeri Barsegov, Univ of Maryland


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George Mason University graduate students may enroll in the Bioinformatics Colloquium for credit, using the course numbers are BINF 704 Sec 001. Requirements and grading are described here.

Colloquium coordinator is Jason Kinser.


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