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Bioinformatics Colloquium
Fall 2003 Schedule

The Colloquium meets on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm in the Verizon Auditorium in building PW1, on the Prince William Campus. Refreshments are served at 3:30 pm. Click here for directions.

Aug 26 Overview of Bioinformatics Research at GMU
Bioinformatics Faculty
Sep 2 Protein Interactions: Binding and Folding
Ruth Nussinov, NCI / Tel Aviv University
Sep 9 Shifting the Balance between Physical Experimentation and Computation
Richard Feldmann, Global Determinants, Inc.
Sep 16 Modeling Molecular Recognition: Theory and Applications
Mike Gilson, Center for Adv Res in Biotechnology, Univ Maryland Biotechnology Institute
Sep 23 Nematodes, Blueberries, and Chickens: Applied Bioinformatics at the USDA
Ben Matthews, USDA, ARS, Soybean Genomics and Improvement Laboratory
Sep 30 Visualization and Data Mining of Proteomic Data
Don Johann, NCI-FDA Clinical Proteomics Project, NIH
Oct 7
5 pm.
Computational Neuroanatomy: Building a Brain Neuron by Neuron
Giorgio Ascoli, Krasnow Institute, GMU
Oct 14 Columbus Day Recess Schedule (no seminar)
Oct 21 Y-family DNA Polymerases and their Roles in Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis
Roger Woodgate, Laboratory of Genomic Integrity, NICHD/NIH
Oct 28 Searching for the Laws of Life
Harold Morowitz, Krasnow Institute, GMU
Nov 4
Prem Yadav, ATCC
Nov 11 SNPs, Gene Expression, and Genome Informatics
Curt Jamison, GMU
Nov 18 Globalization and the Evolution of Emerging Diseases
Don Burke, Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health
Nov 25 Thanksgiving Break (no seminar)
Dec 2 Student Research Presentations
Bioinformatics Graduate Students, GMU

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George Mason University graduate students may enroll in the Bioinformatics Colloquium for credit, using the course numbers are BINF 704 Sec 001 or CSI 898 Sec 002.

Colloquium coordinator is John Grefenstette.