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Bioinformatics Colloquium: Fall 2007 Schedule

The Colloquium meets on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm in room 131 of Bull Run Hall, on the Prince William Campus unless otherwise specified. Click here for directions.

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Aug 28

Orientation to the Program and GMU protocols
Bioinformatics Faculty and Staff

Sep 04

Characterization of the structure and conformational dynamics in multi-domain proteins. Applications to polyUbiquitin.
Prof. David Fushman , University of Maryland

Sep 11

Self-assembly and substructure of prion protein amyloid fibrils
Prof. Ilia Baskakov , University of Maryland Baltimore

Sep 18

Membrane A-beta peptides(25-35 and 31-35) interaction
Dr. Buyong Ma, National Cancer Institute, NIH

Sep 25

Measuring Intracellular Molecular Dynamics and Interactions in the Tissue Context
Dr. Stephen Lockett, National Cancer Institute, NIH

Oct 02

SMURF: a Web-Based Tool for Identification of Secondary Metabolite Biosynthesis Pathways
Dr. Natalie Fedorova, TIGR

Oct 09

No meeting

Oct 16

Folding in the Cell: Predicting the effect of osmolytes on the thermodynamics and folding kinetics of globular proteins
Edward O'Brien, University of Maryland

Oct 23

Automatic image analysis for fly embryos and brains
Dr. Hanchuan Peng, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Oct 30

New links between mitochondrial morphogenesis and apoptosis
Dr. Richard J. Youle, NINDS NIH

Nov 06

Analyzing forced unfolding of protein tandems by ordered variates: Theory and applications
Prof. Valeri Barsegov, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Nov 13

Coordination Chemistry Studies of Metal-Organic Species in Aqueous Solution
Orkid Coskuner, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Nov 20

How do atoms pack themselves in amorphous metals?
Howard Sheng, George Mason University

Nov 27

Computational Mutagenesis for Predicting Functional Consequences of Amino Acid Replacements in Proteins
Majid Masso, George Mason University

Dec 04

Project Presentations
BINF Graduate Students

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