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Bioinformatics Colloquium: Spring 2007 Schedule

The Colloquium meets on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm in the Verizon Auditorium in the Occoquan Building, on the Prince William Campus unless otherwise specified. Refreshments are served at 4:00 pm. Click here for directions.

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Jan 23

Cardiac Atthythmogenesis and Defibrillation: Virtually Shocking
Natalia Trayanova , Johns Hopkins University

Jan 30

The Critical Signaling Events Priming HIV latent Infection of Resting CD4 T Cells
Yuntao Wu , George Mason University

Feb 06

Rules of Thumb and Thermodynamics for Locked Nucleic Acid
Jason Kahn , University of Maryland, College Park

Feb 13

The seminar is cancelled due to inclement weather.

Feb 20

Proteomic Characterization of Alternative Splicing and Coding Polymorphism using Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Nathan Edwards , University of Maryland, College Park

Feb 27

What can we learn from the analysis and management of "omics" data?
Youping Deng , The Univerisity of Southern Mississippi

Mar 06

Structural Genomics: Target Selection and Assessment
JinFeng Liu , Columbia University

Mar 13

No Meeting, Spring Break, Additional Seminar Scheduled Below

Mar 20 256 Bull Run Hall

Novel Small Repetitive Sequences in Bacterial Genomes, and How Biologists Can Build Novel Small Nonrepetitive Tools to Study New Phenomenona
Jeff Elhai , Virginia Commonwealth University

Mar 27

Elucidating the Mechanism of CDDO, a Promising Chemopreventive Agent
Robin Couch , George Mason University

Apr 03

Sparks of interest in heart research: Control of calcium release in cardiac cells
Eric Sobie , Mount Sinat School of Medicine

Apr 10

Pattern formation in reaction diffusion models
Evelyn Sander , George Mason University

Apr 17

Multi-scale modeling of cardiac signaling networks
Jeff Saucerman , University of Virginia

Apr 24

Compartmentation in the cardiac muscle cells
Marko Vendelin , Tallin University

May 01

Student Research Day
Graduate Students

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Additional Seminars: Spring 2007

Mar 02, 11:00 am Verizon Auditorium

Multi- and Large-Scale Systems Modeling and Analysis: Cellular Metabolism Dynamics in Tissue-Organ and Whole-Body Systems
Jerry Saidel , Case Western Reserve University

Mar 08

Chittibabu Guda, State University of New York at Albany

Mar 13 304B Occoquan

Multi-leveled Functional Classification of Genes and Prediction of Functional Modules for Bacterial Genomes
Hongwei Wu , Columbia University

Mar 21 10:00 am 258 Bull Run Hall

Semantic Wiki for Professionals
Albert Mons , CEO of Knewco/WikiProfessional Consortium

Mar 22 304B Occoquan

Structural Biology as a Data Rich Science
Iddo Friedberg , Burnham Institute for Medical Research

Apr 9 11:00 am 256 Bull Run Hall

Weaving a Biological Tale from Microarray Data
Robert Stearman, Univeristy of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Apr 11 11:00 am 256 Bull Run Hall

PARP-Mediated Gene Regulation

Viatcheslav Soldatenkov, Georgetown University Medical Center

Apr 16 11:00 am 256 Bull Run Hall

Cancer-controlling p53 genetic regulatory network: Arrangements of p53 tetramer following different DNA instructions. Are you positive?
Buyong Ma, National Cancer Institute

Apr 25 11:00 am 256 Bull Run Hall

Promoter-specific chromatin architecture as essential element of transcription machinery
Ilya Ioshikhes , The Ohio State University

May 10 11:00 am 258 Bull Run Hall

Non-equilibrium All-atom MD Simulations of Free and Tethered DNA molecules in Nano-channel Shear Flows
Guan Wang, Naval Research Laboratory

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